Akunin: "Thanks to the Crimean adventure Putin condemned himself and Russia ..."

Famous Russian writer Boris Akunin (real name Grigory Chkhartishvili) harshly criticized the Kremlin for its invasion of the Ukraine and made a disappointing forecast for the near future Russia.

"I do not think now about Ukraine. That is about Ukraine and, of course, too, but that in the end, though related, but other countries, which has its way. I wish this country all the best. She proved courage and blood, that she - Country. I think everything will be good at it, and without the Crimea. The West has not stinted on help to make Ukraine a showcase of democratic values. Crimeans probably still bitterly regret that the department "- writes Akunin on his page on Facebook, reports Tsenzor.NET.

According to him, the more it now takes the foreseeable future of their own country - Russia and it "looks bleak in».

"I want to ask those compatriots who enjoys coming rapidly advance prejudging the annexation of Crimea (and those seem to be the majority): Dear majority, at least you know what all of us will manage this trophy? No?
As a result of the fact that Russia has imposed on the territory of another State its military part (whatever lied "God-dew" Putin), the following will occur:

 - Russia will be first in political isolation, and then in the economic. Uplyvut money abroad, investments will not, and our gas and our oil the world will quickly find a replacement, so that the fuel runs out super-profits.

 - All this, coupled with the inevitable leap in military spending would entail economic decline and fall of the ruble, and then, probably, and the abolition of its convertibility. So from Antalya, Egypt and Thailand have to say goodbye.

 - Very Expensive imported goods, and many simply disappear.

 - Foreign exchange reserves will not last long. To have something to pay salaries and pensions, the government will include the printing press. This will lead to inflation and even higher prices. And then pay state employees will still be nothing. And the state will become bankrupt.

 - In order to extinguish the growing discontent, the regime will have to behave all the harder, all iniquity. Internet will be neutered and censored; about conventional media have nothing to say. The number of political prisoners is increasing all the time, and in this category will get people who are far from politics. Any protest will be punished, "- draws a disappointing outlook author of many bestsellers.

"Yes, thanks to the Crimean adventure Putin secured a lifelong power. Sentenced himself to her. Now he's just afraid to resign. But only for life, this is unlikely to be long. And she knows what will end. When there is no legal mechanism for changing the bankrupt regime includes mechanisms revolutionary. A revolution in the multinational country, besides possessing nuclear weapons, it's very scary. I'm not trying to scare and not croak. Unfortunately, this is not just a very likely but practically inevitable. Is that a miracle will happen. In general, with the future annexation of Crimea you, poor exultant majority "- concludes Akunin.

Source: censor.net.ua/n275102


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