As my passport in Russia

The most important document in the lives of many people - a passport. The identity card introduced in Russia by Peter the First. So the state could control the movement of their citizens and, above all, foreigners on the territory of the Russian Empire. Now the man without a passport - it's actually a man without a name, place of residence and even birth date. Let's see what documents were our ancestors and how to change the appearance of passports in Russia since Peter the Great to the present day. 1. Passports introduced Peter I in order to control the movement of the population and foreigners in Russia. The passport system also helps to collect taxes and to recruit army recruits.


3. By the end of the XIX century have acquired passports appearance, similar to the modern (the book), with an indication of origin, social class, religion, and with registration mark.

4. Indefinite passport book of the Russian Empire, issued in 1910

5. Lifetime passport book of the Russian Empire, issued in 1910

6. Temporary passport of the Russian Empire, issued in 1916

7. Form an exit visa for the passport, sample 1929.

8. Cover the Soviet passports of 1953.

9. Turn passport LI Brezhnev 1947

10. The passport of the citizen of the USSR. Blank document approved by the Decree of the USSR Council of Ministers on August 28, 1974.

11. Cover Soviet passport sample 1991.

12. Form an exit visa for the passport.

13. Modern Russian passport.



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