History of the Urals Nevyansk Tower

Built almost 300 years ago, the grandson Demida - Akinfiev. By the way, local can not stand when the tower called the fall. That's right - tilt. The slope is really decent - at a height of 58 m deviation of almost 2m

guide then tell stories about the slope because of the flooded basement of counterfeiters, dumped about the architect and so on. But most of all - a banal miscalculation during construction - firstly just 100 meters flowing river Neiva, secondly you can see that the slope of trying to fix - a strong inclination, only where the bottom quadrangle, top - octagonal clock and belfry were taken with a different compensating slope . The result was a tower like arc.

Several guides, lead small groups every 15 minutes. Visitors a bit, but the dude (Nevyansky way) told with heart and pride in their ancestors.

These rusty clamps - no props, they keep the metal ties.

I've seen similar ties to other ancient structures. I would venture to suggest that any need in the construction of buildings of hewn stone. Since any brick or reinforced concrete structures on such no.

These same ties within

We go inside the tower. Here wishing to offer for the money by minting a commemorative coin. This part is very pleased with me. Finally, our tourist industry began to move in the strontium from the Soviet unobtrusive to global.

The only "native" door in the tower, and the rest - a remake

Stairs are steep, narrow passages

With the advent of the Bolsheviks used the tower badly premises used as a prison and as a warehouse and production plant. It's amazing how all survived. Now carefully turn, navtykali micrometers, track changes, which, incidentally, is not there yet.

Leaning Clock Tower. Unique valid artifact. In the photo - the mechanism from which rods are arrows on the dials with four sides of the tower. Show time accurately.

Drum with pimples - the carrier of several tunes that play clock bells at the top. The tower is made vertical niche to bottom - under loads of hours. Specially trained specialist monitors plant. In fact, Nevyansk Tower - a giant clock with chimes. All sources say that the clock - English Felpes. But many say that Phelps - only the bell and clock can be German and Swiss - while still overseas called "anglitskim." Akinfiy wrote those watch for 5 thousand rubles. In those days it huge money, for example, the construction cost of the tower in 4200.

metallic yarn bells:


clock struck every 15 minutes, half an hour, an hour. Each time a new way.

The date of manufacture of the bells - 1730.

wonder how it all while maintaining the boards is likely because Demidov tower was not the church.

View from the tower offers peace. Yes, and I was lucky with the weather.

playful hands are drawn to the tilt-shift

in the photo - the dam on the Neiva. Generally take any Ural factory town - always dam pond. Below the dam were energy dissipating wheels, all-wheel drive - fur, hammers.

but remnants of the plant itself.

a couple of photos from above.

And that was the capital, not far from the village.
Landscapes Nevyansk. That's how I imagined the Russian province of tsarist times, reading Skate-Gorbunka.

To the left of the pond on the hill overlooking the tower and the cathedral. I think one of the best places for the villa property in the Sverdlovsk region.

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