No, well, they climb Cho

Swiss zhurnalyugi brazen. Here leshego they climb in our internal affairs. To pick, consider something. Here's to our prikopalis Yanukovych. More precisely, to his income declaration, which stated that last year he received nearly two million fee for his bestsellers "The Year in power" and "A Year in the opposition┬╗.
Clean, undisguised envy. Sitting there in his a provincial Neue Z├╝rcher Zeitung, proceed evil saliva yes scribbled bile Wikipedia more successful writers. Say, this can not be. To publisher "New World" was beneficial such cooperation, it is necessary that the total circulation of books Yanukovych was about six million copies. A book on the open market to be seen. As well as in libraries. All right. Each Ukrainian family is committed to have on the bookshelf works head of state. It is necessary to understand where we are going. Therefore, there is no commercially something. All sold out. So you know, look forward to the announced new arrivals. And they sold out in flight. That's why the publishing house, which is quite logical, paid the fee for the next masterpiece from our President, in advance. What do you want? Such high demand!
Well, that chapter of our income is four times higher than those of the president of the United States, so it is quite true. Must be able to work. And not to groan with envy in his zachuhannoy backwater. In addition, the work here harmful. A surcharge for harmful relies.
And we're just happy for their president. Again, with such success in the literary field, he can be calm for their future. Even if (God forbid, of course), will be deprived of his evil opponents overwork acquired property, it will have something to provide for themselves. There's still writing - not to rewrite.


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