Winter forever

Congratulations, you gentlemen, with prolongation option "Winter 2013". Merzsoti any weather navidalsya. I remember well is still fresh in the memory of a very snowy and frosty 2009-2010. Valilo Cool and frost. Then in the number of serious snowfall networks hung series of pictures under nicknames "Snow kapets." They were numbered 1, 2, 3. Then - all winter abyss exhausted. So, dropped a couple of snowflakes on a trifle. Although frosts were - be healthy.
Remember and much more long and terrible winter of 1986-1987. (Well, I live long enough, and yet in my memory). It was generally something. Until about January 7-8, this was the usual for our edges winter - somewhere around zero by Mr. Celsius with all the attendant squelching and munching. And then vlupit so vlupit. Almost to minus forty. With a week so in Siberian pokolbasilo, then to minus twenty about letting go and at a level and a half months, in my opinion, was held. Well, the snow, of course, present, where do without him. Spring is also in no hurry with the arrival. I remember, "Dynamo" then the semi-finals with the "Port" on April 5 to play. So kolotun was unreal - I'm at the stadium zadubela. The benefit of the people were - that sardines in a jar. A shoulder to the shoulder. Zhopku to zhopku. This saved. 5 degrees of heat from power was. On older Darnitsa then after the match brought it hard - so there snowdrifts melt have not yet. In the center of a snow exported.
But this snow lawlessness can not remember. Just snow-nonstop some. Maybe something nedoterla our tip "on concepts" with the Man Upstairs? It is understood that in February can be any number of days - at least 28, at least 50 or more. But as it would be desirable to have the beginning of March.


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