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Large Finnish concern Nokian Tyres for over 100 years specializiruetsya in the production of tire products for cars and trucks, and industrial tires for a special equipment. This brand is familiar to most drivers. Such tires, car owners are equipping their "iron horses" because they have excellent performance at a relatively inexpensive cost. Strong demand is due not only to high quality products, but also its wide range. The dozens of modifications of the tire Nokian allow you to pick the best option taking into account all factors that affect ride quality.

The history of the brand
For Nokian Tyres in 1898 became important. Then the firm launched the first production facility, which produced products from rubber, in particular rubbers. Later, after 36 years, a decision was made about the opening lines for the production of tire products. By this time the plant has significantly increased its industrial revolutions. Products with the logo were known.
Over the years, under the brand name of the brand was released hundreds of versions tech rubber, ride quality which was improved. The company is working on modernization of existing production, testing and implementing into production innovative techniques.
The advantages of tires "Nokian"
The concern is focused on the bus market of most European countries. These tires complement your car is not just ordinary drivers, but also the giants of industry. The product line of the brand has dozens of modifications, which differ in technical characteristics. Among such variety, you can find tires, ideal for off-road driving, highway, highways, snow or mud. These tires are well suited for operation in conditions of local roads. They show excellent performance than cause the comfort for the driver and passengers.
Seasonal products of the company "Nokian" can be divided into three kinds: summer, winter and all-season model. They differ in the following features:
  • patterns of protectors;
  • the compositions of the rubber compound;
  • sizes.
Wide range allows you to choose tires suitable for vehicles of various makes and models.
These tires have excellent performance and relatively inexpensive cost. With prices on the tires "Nokian" is available by clicking on the link
Flexible company policy in the field of cost of production, ensuring high coverage of target audience. The company is focused on the average consumer, so the average segment represented a wide range.
With proper selection of tires "Nokian" will please not only comfortable riding but also long service life, especially if the owner will abide by the rules of their use and storage.


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