The advantage of obtaining the citizenship of Malta

Malta is a European state, which since 2013 has been implementing the program for obtaining a passport by investment (IIP). Official bodies of the EU confirming the reliability and legitimacy of granting economic citizenship.
The program is designed that 1 year and 2 months the investor will receive the full citizenship of Malta and will be able to use all its benefits. Detailed information can be found on the website In 2018, the government has made a number of changes that made the verification of trustworthiness of applicants even tougher.


Security screening in the framework of IIP involves the study of the reputation of the investor across multiple channels. The applicant must be of legal age and criminal record. Also require confirmation of the legality of the available capital. Matters and health status of the applicant — the package of documents must be certificate of medical examination.

What is the citizenship program IIP is different from similar?
To acquire citizenship of Malta, investing in the economy, the need to fulfill one of the requirements:
  • irrevocable one-time fee, which need to be made in national development Fund of Malta — 650 000 Euro;
  • buying real estate in the territory of Malta — € 350,000;
  • the purchase of government securities — EUR 150 000.
Buying property can be replaced by long-term lease subject to payment of 16,000 euros per year.
It is separately necessary to pay for the checks, which examine the trustworthiness of the candidate (7500 euros) and the issuance of biometric passports (200 euros).
Note that here the prices for a single applicant. If obtaining the citizenship of Malta expect the family members of the investor, the total amount of investments increases.
The algorithm for assignment of citizenship standard:
  1. The applicant delivers the basic package of documents to the Consulate via certified agent, and pay certain duties.
  2. After receiving confirmation to proceed the search for a suitable property and signing papers.
  3. Then issued a residence permit and a complete package of required documents for citizenship, which takes careful checking. In parallel, tuition fees for bureaucratic procedures.
  4. After the inspection is completed the applicant receives an official confirmation of conformity and within 25 days to make a complete payment.

Privileges of the Maltese passport
Benefits of Malta citizenship are as follows:
  • visa-free regime with more than 160 countries of the world;
  • loyal tax system for business in any area;
  • the possibility of obtaining European education for children of the investor;
  • a quiet life in the country with a stable economy and political situation.
For citizenship do not need to live in the country for several years. Documents are issued not only to the applicant and his spouse(y), but also elderly parents and, for a fee, children aged not more than 26 years.
An investor with a passport of Malta can quickly change your tax residence. In a constantly changing world is particularly important. Passport for life, the whole family can enjoy the privileges of the citizens of Malta.


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