Permian rocks. Barcelona in hysterics

In Russia, everything is possible. Or almost everything. Including the most incredible architectural solutions.
For example, a garage in the basement - a phenomenon quite common and familiar. A house on the roof of the garage? Have not seen? Welcome to Perm on the street Experienced (good name, symbolic). As the author has come to such innovative solutions, recent history is silent. Andrey Dyakonov, the owner and the architect of the avant-garde, yet does not want to shed light on this burning question. As well as on the way going to legitimize his masterpiece. The only thing that bothers cheerful builder - is the presence / absence of funds to complete the project. And then say, ten years - the period for construction considerable. And if five years stretch as Andrew plans - it will be possible for a new start. Since no communication so in the climatic conditions of the Northern Urals this design can easily cover a very copper basin.
Still curious as to how the gentlemen of the architecture for ten years pass by this monster. And how to get permission not just anyhow a structure in such a place, and the opening of the sewing shop.
Damn, Gaudi would be envious. What sort of La Sagrada Família.
If the experiment is successful, so there is a lot of work - so many garage roofs blank!


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