Barcelona aerial view

Barcelona is the second most populous city in Spain. Population - 1, 6 million. People. The capital of the autonomous region of Catalonia. In the suburbs, home to 3, 2 million. People, and the province has 5 million. Inhabitants. Barcelona - is one of the most important tourist destinations in the European routes - the main tourist attraction in Spain.

Barcelona is on the Mediterranean Sea, 120 km from the French border.

Eixample, or "New City" - the most populated district of Barcelona. The straight-line layout was first used in Barcelona and is still one of its attractions.

Straight and wide streets of the Eixample, in accordance with the project architect Ildefons Cerda form rectangular blocks with characteristic chamfered corners. This layout allows you to move freely the streets of transport and provides good illumination and ventilation. Due to the shape of octagonal quarters, achieved improved visibility at intersections, and now more free area on the corner of each quarter is used for short-term parking.

Diagonal Avenue - the street crosses the city diagonally from the border with the municipality of Esplugues de Llobregat from the sea.

Gran Via - one of the main streets in Barcelona. The length of the Gran Via is about 13, 1 km, making it the longest street in the whole of Spain.

The main attraction of Barcelona - Sagrada Familia also known as the Sagrada Familia (Sagrada Família) Main Gaudí.

The temple is built on private donations since 1882, making it one of the most famous long-term peace.

Facade passions. Tower Sagrada Familia pinnacles completed with ceramic trim and hide inside the spiral staircases.

As conceived by Gaudi church will be crowned with eighteen towers. Twelve of them, four on each facade, height from 98 to 112 meters, will be devoted to the twelve apostles.

Four 120-meter tower above sredokrestiem after Evangelists surround the central 170-meter tower of Jesus, and the slightly smaller size of the bell tower of St. Mary is located above the apse. With the construction of the central tower of the church should be the highest in the world.

Nativity Facade

Soon the end of the construction prevents the complexity of manufacturing stone blocks forming bizarre shapes facilities. According to the computer model, each requiring individual handling and fitting. In addition, difficulties arose from the fact that Gaudi worked without blueprints. According to the Government of Spain, will be able to completely finish the cathedral not before 2026.

Gaudi himself dedicated the temple 40 years of life. When asked if he was afraid not to have time to finish the cathedral during his life, he replied: "I have a lot of time since my main customer - the Lord, and he is in a hurry.»

Until the end of his life, even leaving architectural practice, Gaudi continued to engage in the construction of the temple, considering it mainly in his biography. At the end of his life, Gaudí became very eccentric on the basis of religious fanaticism. He almost did not come out of his workshop. Absent-mindedness of the architect led him to death under the wheels of a tram.

La Pedrera. Apartment house, built in 1910 by Antoni Gaudi. This was the last secular work of Gaudi, before he devoted himself entirely to the work on the Sagrada Familia. In 1984 La Pedrera was the first of the XX century buildings included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Street Avinguda de la Reina Maria Cristina, which abuts the area of ​​Spain

Agbar Tower, 34-storey skyscraper on Diagonal prospekte. Outside the entire building is covered with rectangular glass panels that can move the signals of temperature sensors on the outside of the tower.

Hotel «W Barcelona» Slightly reminiscent of the hotel Burj Al Arab in Dubai)

Olympic Port of Barcelona

Beach Balmins

Stadium "La Monumental" At the stadium in 2011 was held last bullfight in the history of Catalonia. Authorities went to the prohibition of age-old traditions of animal rights pressure.

Stadium "Camp Nou" - is the largest stadium in Europe. Its capacity is 99,354 spectators. It is the home stadium of football club "Barcelona».

Olympic Stadium. Lewis Companys is the main arena for the summer 1992 Olympic Games. Capacity: 70 000 spectators

Olympic Village

Telecommunication tower Montjuïc 136-meter tower is set in the heart of the Olympic Park and represents an athlete holding the Olympic torch

Columbus Square in the center of the square is a monument to Columbus. It was built for the World Fair of 1888 and is located in the spot where Columbus returned from his first trip to America.

Getting lost in Barcelona is very difficult ...

... Though, it happens sometimes.

Road interchange

Seaport capital of Catalonia already has 2000 years of history! During this time he had become one of the most important seaports in Europe, taking place 9 among the largest ports in Europe.

The area of ​​the Port of Barcelona is nearly 8 square kilometers, it is divided into three main zones: Port Vell (Old Port), the commercial port and the logistics port. Among ocean liners I have seen here yacht Roman Abramovich's "Eclipse", which is the biggest private motor boat in the world.



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