Champions League. The results of the group stage. Groups C and D

During the tour until the end of the group round, "Barcelona", "Valencia" and "Manchester United" booked a place in the playoffs. But for second place in Group D, competed with each other "Ruby" and "Copenhagen».

Barcelona "inchas" waiting for a victory over so uncomfortable for their rival club. But starting lineup Catalans alerted abundance of young players, yet not passing the foundation. Will they be able to overcome the Russian "catenaccio"? Perhaps this question is not only worried about the fans of these teams, but also other people who are interested in football.

In the first half, against the backdrop of Barcelona's youth, the Russian team looked more holistically and confidently.

But the moment in Kazan was only one when the ball after trying to hang Ansaldi towards the area, suddenly cut off and flew into the net. However, the goalkeeper had to shift round and took on the goal line. At the beginning of the second half, the Catalans opened the scoring. Alcantara, against the defender, went right towards the area, tried to shoot along the gate - the defenders blocked the chamber. The ball ricocheted back to Alcantara. He immediately myagonko rolled back a little under attack Fontàs. Fontàs struck first touch. After hitting the ball hit the hand Kaleshin from which ricocheted into the far corner.

Well, at the end of the game Vazquez doubled the lead in the score of the Catalans. After intercepting the ball and fast attacks down the middle, Vazquez got the ball thirty meters from the gate, and from the line of the semi-circle of the penalty area struck the bottom of the left, from Ryzhikov corner of the goal.

Barcelona - Rubin 2: 0

Show / Hide tekstGoly: Fontàs, 51, Vasquez, 83
Barcelona: Pinto - Pique, Busquets, Fontàs - Dos Santos (Massey, 63), Mascherano, Thiago, Maxwell - Jeffren (Vasquez, 13), Adriano, Bojan (Bartra, 35)
Rubin: Ryzhikov - Kuzmin, Navas, Bocchetti, Ansaldi - Ryazantsev (Kasai, 62), Noboa, Murawski, Kaleshin - Karadeniz (Bystrov, 75), Martins (Medvedev, 66)
Warning: Rizhikov

Lost all motivation "Panathinaikos" capitulated in Denmark.

25 minutes into the penalty area before Vingaard got a transfer from the right flank. When receiving the ball jumped off the ground, but Martin was not taken aback, and rally loaded ball. Shot from the foul for the goalkeeper, with a rebound from the lawn and Adidas sphere flicked into the net.

Wijngaarden deal in the second half continued Gronkyaer - Jesper from the penalty spot.

And on 73 minutes the Danes corner from the left to the near corner of the goal crease, and "Greek" Cisse neck expertly clipped the ball into the far corner of his goal.

However, the goal of prestige Greeks still scored. In stoppage time scored Kant. After filing with the penalty Kant cropped head the ball into the goal and the rebound of the impinging players scored.

Copenhagen - Panathinaikos 3: 1

Show / Hide tekstGoly: Vingaard, 25, Gronkyaer, 50, (penalty), Cisse, 73 (own goal) - Kant, 90 + 2
Copenhagen: Wiland, Pospěch, Jorgensen, Antonsson (Ottesen, 77), Wendt, Bolanos, Kvist, Claudemir, Vingaard, Gronkyaer (Zohore, 86), Ndoye (Santin, 80)
Panathinaikos: Tzorvas, Vyntra, Boumsong, Kante, Spyropoulos, J. Silva (Ninis, 46), Simao, Marinos, L. Garcia (Petropoulos, 75), Christodoulopoulos (Summer 46), Cisse
Warning: Gronkyaer - Summer, Luis Garcia, Marinos, Simao

"Manchester United" and "Valencia" in the fight to "Old Trafford" found out who the winner of Group C. Although the bookies and bet on the hosts who took the first place in the national championship, the account is opened guests. Carrick "miss the bus" the ball in midfield and nimble Dominguez left most of the opposing team on his back. Cross on the right flank and Pablo Hernandez (Pablo Hernandez) opens the scoring on 32 minutes.

In contrast to the protection of the attack "mankuniantsev" perfectly interact. And if not for straightness Berbatov, the hosts would be recouped in the first half.

But scoring Anderson (Anderson), who was definitely one of the best in the game. After impact, Park Ji-Sung from the middle distance, the goalkeeper parried the ball in front of him. A jet Anderson first turned on the ball and scored.

Then the teams played double-edged, but no one score and failed.

"Manchester United" was released in the playoffs from the first place, and "Valencia" in the second.

Manchester United - Valencia 1: 1

Show / Hide tekstGoly: Anderson, 62 - Pablo, 32
Manchester United: Amos, Rafael, Ferdinand (Smalling, 50), Vidic, Fabio, Nani (Giggs 81), Carrick, Anderson (Fletcher 90), Park, Berbatov, Rooney
Valencia: Guaita, Miguel, Ricardo Costa, Dealbert, Mathieu, Pablo (Feghouli 84), Banega, Albelda, Jordi Alba (Mata, 68), Dominguez (Isco, 54), Adurits
Warning: Anderson - Albelda, Miguel

In the second match of the group played "Bursaspor" and "Rangers". Score in the match turned out the same. Battle a draw 1: 1. And, as in the previous match, opened the scoring guests. Goal was scored by Kenny Miller (Kenny Miller), who calmly pulled up for offside and hit the goalkeeper.

Then the initiative passed to the owners, who by no means want to leave the Champions League without a single point. And in the 79th minute Sercan Yildirim (Sercan Yildirim) gave the club and fans such joy.

The hosts went ahead and beyond, but the score has remained a draw.

Photo: AP, Getty Images, Reuters

Bursaspor - Rangers 1: 1

Show / Hide tekstGoly: Yildirim, 79 - Miller, 20
Bursaspor: Ozkan, Stepanov, Aziz (Erdogan, 47), Vederson, Mustafa, Chimshir (Batalha, 48), Ipek, Khas, Insua, Yildirim, Nunez (Bahadir, 63)
Rangers: McGregor, Weir, Whittaker, Hutton, Cole (McMillan, 82), McCulloch, Davis, Bougherra, Miller (Beattie, 64), Foster, Naismith (Weiss, 72)
Warning: Khas, Ipek - Beatty

According to the results of the group round in the playoffs of the Champions League took place "Barcelona" and "Copenhagen" and "Manchester United" and "Valencia". Kazan "Ruby" and Scottish "Rangers" is also waiting for the European Cup spring, but already in the Europa League. Well, "Panathinaikos" and "Bursaspor" remains to concentrate on the national championships.


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