Europa League. The results of the group stage. Groups A, B and C.

In groups B and C remained more intrigue. The fight was for second place, allowing to play in the playoffs.

In this group, a ticket to the European Cup spring booked a "Manchester City" and "Lech". Just have not decided yet who will be first and who second.

In Turin "Juventus" and "Manchester City" played a reserve staff. The match was not very interesting.

At the end of the first half, opened the scoring in the match the players of Turin "Juventus". Niccolo Jannetty, locked transfer Del Piero.

And towards the end of the second half, "citizens" still equalized. Distinguished Brazilian Jo.

"Juventus" went down in history as the first team, drawn six games of the group stage LE.

Juventus - Manchester City 1: 1Goly: Jannetty, 43 - Jo, 77
Juventus: Manninger, Grygera, Legrotalle, Chiellini, Traore (Boniperti 67), Sissoko, Melo, Krasic (Camilleri, 57), Pepe, Jannetty, Del Piero
Man.Siti: Given, Boateng, Richards, Boyyata, Bridge, Milner, Vieira, Wright-Phillips, A.Dzhonson, Jo, Nimli (Zabaleta, 62)
Warning: Melo, Sissoko - Zabaleta

In Salzburg, the group took an outsider Polish "Lech". Thanks to a goal Shtilicha Poles won and caught up on points, "Manchester City". But due to a better balance of goals scored and conceded the British still occupied the top spot in the group.

Salzburg - Lech 0: 1Gol: Shtilich 30
Red Bull: Valcke, Schiemer, Afolabi, Sekagya, Hinteregger, Offenbacher (Alan, 58), Mendes, Zarate, Jantscher (Hirlender, 68), Cziommer, Boghossian (Wallner, 74)
Lech Kotorovski, Kikut, Bosacki, Arboleda, Henriquez (Wilk, 36), Krivets, Injac, Djurdjevic (Wojtkowiak, 46), on foot, Shtilich (Bandrovska 77) Rudnev
Warning: Zarate, Cziommer, Alan - Enriquez, Wilk

The winner of last year's lottery Le Madrid "Atletico" needed to win in Germany and hope to misfire Greek "Aris" in the game with the Norwegian "Rosenborg».

The Greeks have left the Spanish rivals any hope. Occupies the last place in the standings, "Rosenborg" was cast down.

"The Greeks" scored two goals. Alone in the stoppage time in the first half, and the second - also in stoppage time, but by the second half. Distinguished Daniel Tsesarek and Fati.

Aris - Rosenborg 2: 0Goly: Tsesarek, 45 + 1 Faty, 90 +2
Aris: Sifakis, Kuluheris, Toya, Koke (Fathi, 88), Michel, Mendrinos (Kaznaferis, 83), Javito, Lazaridis, Vangelli, Prittas, Tsesarek (Ruiz, 79)
Rosenborg: Erlund, Lustig, Dorsin, Annan Byarsmir, Yamtfall (Iversen, 66) Moldskred, Demidov, Skelbred, Henriksen, Prica
Booked: Prica

In snowy Leverkusen game was tense.

The first half was in the attacks "mattress", but they were unable to score. And in the second half the guests came out, knowing that the first half Aris wins. This confused the Spaniards. The initiative caught the "Bayer" and Helmes after discount Kissling brought "pharmacists" forward.

The goal of a little cheer Real Madrid and they immediately bounced back, thanks Substitute Merida.

But winning and could not.

Leverkusen - Atletico Madrid 1: 1Goly: Helmes, 69 - Merida, 72
Bayer: Gifer, Vida, Hyypia, Schwaab, Castro (Da Costa, 46), Renato Augusto (Kiessling, 46), Balitch Bender (Vidal, 88), Kaplan, Helmes, Jorgensen
Atletico Madrid: De Gea, Luis Filipe, Dominguez, Perea, Valera, Simao (Merida, 72), Suarez (Thiago, 85), Assuncao, Raul Garcia, Aguero, Forlan (Diego Costa, 67)
Warnings: Sight - Suarez

"Bayer" and "Aris" in the playoffs, and last year's winner, "Atletico" is eliminated from European cup.

First place in the group booked a "Sporting", but for the second should have to compete in a match between "Lille" and "Gent". France was to be decided the fate of the second place in the group. "Lille" immediately cleaned Initiative to his feet, and there was the first goal in the 30th minute. Obraniak robbed a defender and beating the goalkeeper, rolled the ball into the goal.

In the second half, Pierre-Alain Frau stole the ball and scored with a very acute angle.

And in the end of the meeting the French scored three goals Sow.

Lille - Gent 3: 0Goly: Obraniak, 30, Fro, 56, Sow, 89
Lille Landreau, Debuchy, Rozehnal, Rami, Emerson, Hazard (Sow 61), Balmont, Cabaye, Obraniak, de Melo, Fro (Mavuba, 72)
Gent Yorgachevich, Wils, Lepuan, Schuler, Azofeifa (Ibrahim, 46), Thijs, Smolders, Wallace Ljubijankic, Coulibaly (Arbeitman, 63), El-Ganassi (Sumaoro 63)
Booked: Rami, de Melo, Debuchy - Wils, Coulibaly, Thijs, Wallace Lepuan

"Levski" - "Sporting". This match did not solve anything. In Bulgaria, the Portuguese got relaxed unanswered goal from outsider groups. "Slam the door," Mladenov Bulgarians helped kick in the final minute of the first half.

Photo: AP, Getty Images, Reuters

Levski Sofia - Sporting 1: 0Gol: Mladenov, 45
Levski: Mitrev, Mulder, Miliev, Ivo Ivanov, Stark Green, Hajiyev Tasevski (Ognyanov, 77), Mladenov (Kirov, 89), Dembele, Zhoaozino
Sporting: Tiago, Abel Nuno Coelho (Cedric, 76), Torsiglieri, Evadlo, Andre Santos, Zapater (Salomão, 46), Valdez (Saleyru 70), Maniche, Yannick Djalo, Postiga
Booked: Shtarkov Haji - Saleyru

As a result, the company "Sporting" in the playoffs will be French "Lille".


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