Champions League: became known to all participants in the quarter-finals

On Tuesday and Wednesday, the last four match 1/8, in which defined the last four members of the next round of the tournament. There were no surprises.

After winning the "San Siro" fans "Bavaria" were absolutely confident in our team. In Milan "Inter" were a little different plans.

Already in the 4th minute, Goran Pandev "rolled" Samuel Eto'o and the Cameroonian struck Kraft "between».

The owners did not agree to this state of affairs and went into a violent attack. For a while italntsy fought. But it lasted exactly 17 minutes. An incredible goal scored by Mario Gomez. Arjen Robben fired from his "gun", but the visitors' Julio Cesar was unable to fix the ball that bounced off the Brazilian as rubber on the asphalt. First on the ball was Gomez, who, with his back to goal, without looking through it past the keeper.


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