Young dad feeds and carefully puts small Timosha

28-year-old businessman Maxim starts his day not to monitor exchange rates or checking e-mail. Not even a cup of coffee. No, he has a much more important lesson. Young dad feeds and carefully puts small Timosha, and then leads to a kindergarten.
 - With Mom Timothy Alena we met in a nightclub - confessed our hero. - Normally, I'd say mediocre acquaintance ...
Lovers enjoy each other very long - just over a week.
 - It was a fleeting relationship, in other words, and not be called. A couple of times spent together, but scattered - shrugs Maximov. - I do think about it forgotten, and March 28, 2012 at midnight get from Alena SMS: "Hi. Food to give birth. From child refuse. If you want to - take away. " I surprised you? Yes, I was shocked!

To the credit of Maxim, the guy was not taken aback and immediately rushed to the hospital. It turned out that Allen had given birth and safely discharged and native crumbs left in the care of compassionate doctors.
 - At the head, we went into the room where lay Timothy - recalls Pope. - He did not sleep, lying on the table, it tightly swaddle. I looked at the boy, in his eyes, and somehow knew right away that he's mine. He said to himself: "I will not give anyone you do not give up».
However, being a pragmatic, newly-born father decided to err and do a DNA test. And suddenly appeared Timoshka not his son?
 - The hospital took saliva and cut a couple of nails, - says the businessman. - And the study was carried out already in Moscow. The result came just a few days. But they seemed like an eternity. Oh, I want to test all confirmed. And so it happened.
However, immediately take his son to the home Maxim failed. Despite the cynical sms-ku from Alena, admission to the hospital, she has not indicated in the papers, who is the father of the child. Maximov had to ask the girl herself to go to the registrar and to write his name in the documents of the boy. And only after that Maxim was able to bring the baby to her.
 - I just called her, explained the situation. They say so and so, you have to enter in my birth certificate - coolly explains Timothy's father. - Otherwise, the child will go to the house of the baby. And after a short conversation Alain nevertheless agreed.
Now a young single dad feels for the mother of his son only pity.
 - She misses the sweetest years Timosha - said Maxim.

 - And if you suddenly come to its senses Alain? - Gently ask the guy.
 - Yes, after some time it shall be and say, here I am, I came to meet me! - Indignant father. - Well, I do not! I do not want her to even see his son, and even more so, to communicate with him. But on the other hand, I thank Alain for this boy and what she said about him. And now Timosha would live in some orphanage ...
More recently, Maxim was an entrepreneur, made a living renting construction equipment. But now his views have changed. He applied for the elimination of SP and now, as he says, "looking for himself».
 - When I got Timosha, I do not know where and how to draw benefits - sigh Maxim. - Decided to apply to social protection. And you know what they told me? They demanded to bring a package of documents - certificate of employment the child's mother, the original passport and her work. But I do not want to persuade Allen to come, and she brought them herself in social protection!
As a result, Maxim still issued allowance. But it can only be called ridiculous. Single father gets a little more than a month in 1500 rubles!
Most of all small cell of society to help parents Maxim - Lyubov and Viktor. They give a son and grandson of the money, well, and, of course, good advice, how to grow from a boy a real man. So he was like his dad.
Small Timosha does not know that his mother abandoned him. Where is she, it is the Pope is not interested. Do Timosha new mom? Of course. Like his dad - life partner.
 - I'm ready for relationships - smiles Maxim. - Also very much want to have appeared Timosha Mom!




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