Identification Witherspoon

In the streets of Atlanta peacefully, but sinuously rides Ford Fusion. Intrigued by the path of the vehicle police officer stops him and asks the driver to take the test disheveled. From the passenger seat, despite the requirement to remain on guard starting position, aggressively swept Reese Witherspoon with the classic "Yes, you know who I am?". With the announcement of the list of horrors and hardships of life, waiting for the hapless cop if he did not immediately let go of her husband and herself. Up to nationwide fame on TV show and link to Alaska. She said, still a lot of interesting things, but the essence of the issue, perhaps in Keyword.
God knows, if desired actress took to identify the place of the event, but that the reaction was immediate, it is a fact. Charges - for driving under the nestoyaniya James Tautou and hooliganism - Reese. On Friday, tied, on Monday tried.
Quickly, does not it? I am far from the idealization of America and its institutions, but on this particular occasion - that little hard to believe that we would work as quickly and with the same result. And with a huge probability that these are the facts about all we would not know. All razrulili be in place. Up to three pieces of greenery. The house would be able to take with a warning for the future and even more careful to go into the exhaust pipe kiss goodbye.
As for the identification, it did take place. In Twitter. "We know who you are, Reese Witherspoon. One that will not drive yourself »
P.S. The fact that they went to Fusion - this is a separate big topic. And for our establishment fact totally inexplicable. Ignorant people.


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