7 most prominent roles

This girl can play anything you want. This view is shared by studio bosses Fox Searchlight Pictures, last week approved Reese Witherspoon to star in the film "The Wild." The painting is based on the memoirs of writer Cheryl Streyd and hike on one of the longest hiking trails of America, entitled "Pacific Ridge." The novel became besselerom earned a huge amount of positive feedback, so it kinoadpaptatsiya certainly deserves attention. And Reese will adorn the film, because each of its appearance in the shot - a feast for the viewer. In honor of this selection prominent roles actress.


Elle Woods and "Legally Blonde" (2001)


"She knows how to be funny," - thought fans. Of course, this may Reese: create a walking embodiment of all the stereotypes about blondes, be a little naive, gullible, yet sweet and gentle ... Despite the fact that the role of El - not the first in his career Witherspoon, is a comedy about the adventures of a blonde who wants to become a lawyer brought the actress serious fees and a lot of job offers.

Black-and-white movie. "Pleasantville" (1998)
An amazing idea and its realization. Young Reese and Tobey Maguire on-screen alter reality fictional town. Drama replaced comedic mood, and blonde is in the heart of the action.


"Cruel Intentions" (1999)
And again, the drama. Witherspoon in the role of "clever" and part-time love interest of the protagonist, played by Ryan Phillippe. But the image of the actress deeper than it seems at first glance, "angelok" has a strong character and it is able to repulse offenders. Acting just acting cast and twisted story brought the painting the status of "classic '90s».


"Between Heaven and Earth" (2005)
Girl is good ... even if a ghost. Romantic and very touching melodrama "Between Heaven and Earth" can be endlessly revise lonely evenings. Rees heroine - a doctor: twenty-four hours, in the truest sense of the word, the work has replaced her family, friends and relations. Only the case willy-nilly drives her soul mate, charismatic guy who also had no luck in love.


Married to a star - "Walk the Line" (2005)
He - a legend in the music world, it - his only love. Real events in the life of the star couple, Johnny Cash and his wife June Carter, were the basis for the drama "Walk the Line."
For the sake of similarity with June, Miss Witherspoon easily abandoned its blond curls, becoming the brunette. But the effort paid off: the role of muse Johnny Cash actress brought the first and currently the only "Oscar" in her career.


"Water for Elephants" (2011)
If necessary, it can become a smart, sophisticated woman who needs public recognition. This is the heroine Witherspoon in the film "Water for Elephants." The on-screen romance with Pattinson, life inside the circus, brilliant concert costumes for the actors and the realities of the Great Depression - all this movie is filled with Francis Lawrence.


"This Means War" (2012)
This woman deserves to be fought for it. Yes, and a couple of secret agents! In the comedy "This Means War" heroine Reese is an obstacle to the friendship between the two cronies. Group of the actress on the screen made handsome Chris Pine and Tom Hardy, as a result of the movie was bright, cheerful and dynamic.



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