What you need to read to movie premieres

What books are worth reading before viewing the film adaptation of this year? Perhaps, this top will help you decide the future Movies, suddenly you miss a movie that should not have to miss?

1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

The fascinating story of the adventures of Harry Potter and his friends coming to an end. This year, the screens will show the last part of the epic. And while the film premiere solemnly marched across the planet, you have the opportunity to plunge into the magical world. The film, the devil dispute is good, but it's just a reflection of what is written in the book. I think your imagination is able to paint a picture of what is happening is not worse than the filmmakers.

2. One day

Romantic story about two friends (and sometimes lovers) also migrated into the ranks of movie. Even played a major role Jim Sturgess admits that his book was disheartening. Why do not you read the book by David Nicholls to get to know the character traits of the main characters, which are sometimes very difficult to pass through the image?

3. Something Borrowed

The book is about a funny romantic story easy to read and will help you not to "float" in the plot. A story like this. Frivolous Bride, a lot of effort spent on it to bring his boyfriend to the idea of ​​marriage, does not even know that her best friend, a successful lawyer who devoted the best years of his life career could be in bed with her fiance, instantly winning his soul, heart and body ... In short, the guy was. Approaching wedding day. Who will go down the aisle?

4. Water for Elephants!

Hurry, while you have the opportunity to read a bestseller before the premiere of the film. The book is so interesting and easy to understand that you will not regret the time spent. In addition, fans (though, most likely, fans) Robert Pattinson, after reading the book, will be able to safely enjoy the staff with their favorite actor, not caring about the essence of what is happening on the screen.

5. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

David Fincher has promised to change the ending of the stories in this book. In order to know what kind of idea was initially strongly recommend that you read the book and see the movie. By the way, Rooney Mara, played the leading role in the film, her character is so inspired that even photographed in her image for the cover of W.

6. Dawn

A touching story of a man and a vampire coming to its logical conclusion. Edavrada fans and Bella should read this. Frankly, I'm not a fan, but the first part of the book struck me as interesting. I think this is the case, when the little things that are described in the book are very affect the overall impression of what is happening. Perhaps this is why I did not like the movie.

7. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

All who have already read the book by Jonathan Safran Foer, in one voice say that it's incredibly beautiful story filled with incredible details and thoughts. Tom Hanks stars in the screen adaptation of the book with Sandra Bullock, claims that this amazing book made an impression on him. The story of how a little boy suddenly lost his father. The reason for that - the tragedy of September 11th. The author shows how the child step by step, trying to realize the pain and loss.

8. Help

Nor again faced with the opinion that the book "Help" Kathryn Stockett - is an absolute must-read for every woman. Incredible character of the protagonist will be impressed and maybe inspire someone on the big and bold step.

9. On the road

Finally, a classic. Classic XX century. Unique book that is worth reading regardless of whether you're watching a movie or not. It is unique in that it is for each affected differently. Kristen Stewart, who played a major role, said that it is the only one of its kind book that she really liked.

10. Dengobol

If you want to understand exactly what the film will be if you're not a baseball fan, versed in all the intricacies of the game and if you are interested in the items, before going to see a new movie with Brad Pitt on the baseball team manager, read a book by Michael Lewis. < br />


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