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I saw this car for the first time more than a year ago, when it existed as a permanent reworked layout and a separate chassis. All that stood in an inconspicuous cubbyhole Zilovskoye development shop, the entrance to which, however, is strictly guarded by a digital lock.

It worked Andrei Stepanov, precocious sensible engineer, received carte blanche to work on the Punisher by Mazepa and the "good" from the Laptev. In fact, he did what he wanted, not very restricting ourselves with technological limitations. Was discharged from the German transmission elements ZF - no problem. At this time in the impoverished Zile on conveyor machines even set b / y shnye details ... Andrew really was in a privileged position, including salary. He did not hide it.

Andrew appeared in the comments of this journal, surprising both competence and sharpness judgments. In actual fact he was a great guy, intelligent, without raspaltsovok. Incredibly talented man, he came to the ZIL from motorsport, where he worked as a mechanical engineer - and immediately got their own big project! Of course, I envied him.

Idea Andrew - truck for Dakar. While the original idea of ​​the Punisher - machine for special forces and security services for all. For the calculation of the landing. So imagine how it was to combine ...

Design did ... That's right, Svyatoslav Saakyan, once worked for a couple of walls from the place of manufacture of the Punisher, Leo G. Samokhina. And Andrew Chirkov, unknown to me.

Here I must say that The Punisher - a long-standing project, ZIL for it took another four years ago. Hoping to win something like a bid for funding from the Ministry of Defense. Order Laptev, "On the development of conceptual design of multi-purpose 4x4 vehicles carrying capacity of 2, 5t models" The Punisher "and" Buffalo "was signed in April 2008. Nothing ZIL did not win, he began to work "on their own", but Laptev announced that the Ministry of Defence of the money is spent. That's why the secrecy and fear at bay because journalists. Laugh laugh, but some on the ZIL still believe that they are the bearers of state secrets ...

Over Punisher worked two teams - let the "old" and "new." The "old" - a few design options Samokhina-Kalitina constructive and absolutely classic (I'll write about it separately). While the show is only one option, though unclassified, because it is absolutely free to hang on the wall of one of the shops Zilovskoye:

The "new" - this, of course, Stepanov and Sahakian. The first layout of the Punisher was built in September 2009. At the same time it showed Luzhkov and Luchansky (photos from the show, by the way, flashed on the Internet posted by students MGIU).

Andrew showed me his gear, told in detail. He came to the design of a very "hard" engineering, with a number of innovative solutions. In my opinion, some of the nodes have been made "head", without much imagination, because the chassis seemed peretyazhelёnnym. But the final settings I do not know.

Andrew promised that I would be the first to whom he tells about the car officially, for publication. Until then she asked for her not to mention. About the same and asked Vladimir Georgievich Mazepa, and is the last person in the world, with whom I would like to quarrel. Vladimir G. generally like a guardian angel. Angel for students MGIU extending his practice for young engineers, like Stepanova, for anyone who carries a constructive start. A guardian - the plant's history, the memory of the people, documents, files and unique kinoplёnok. Without Mazepa, this archive would have razderbanit savvy fans of automotive history.


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