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On the eve of the ceremony, "Oscar" all eyes are on the nominees. The hero of our today's post, is without doubt the most discussed person not only among the winners of the award, but also among the representatives of Hollywood. In an interview with Leonardo DiCaprio I tried to answer all the questions that are somehow worried about his fans and talked about their expectations regarding the "Oscar».

I will never know the true reaction of academics at my job.

Sensational "The Wolf of Wall Street" DiCaprio was worth a lot of effort. Fight with Brad Pitt for the right to produce a picture, fundraising for the shooting, and many hours of conversation with a prototype of his character Jordan Belfort resulted in five years of hard work. The role of a successful broker, known for its crazy orgies and cunning machinations, Leo was given is not easy, but it has been played brilliantly. Despite this striking transformation, the actor does not see the slightest resemblance to his hero in everyday life. Quite the contrary.

Almost everything worked Belfort, is beyond my imagination. He told me in detail how to implement their wildest desires and fantasies. Even just to hear some of his stories was ashamed. But how interesting it was to embody it all on the screen! The more I reincarnated in Belfort, the more frenetic feel. And this becomes the atmosphere at the site. However, at the end of each shooting day I had yet to shake off all this madness. Otherwise, it could end badly. I know whereof I speak - the world of Wall Street is very similar to Hollywood, and I'm 13 years in the movie business. Overseeding on any kind of drugs - be it power, money, or illegal substances - not last long.

As you know, the movie director Martin Scorsese made - a great friend of DiCaprio, with whom they have realized 5 successful projects. According to Scorsese, this acting talent and enthusiasm, Leo is the source of his inspiration, and the actor loves it.

We Marty same look on how to be a movie. We have the same sense of humor - and peculiar as it may seem to some, somewhat perverse. And we know that we do not like - is very important. And not afraid to experiment. I think Marty has never do not have fun while filming on the site, "Wolf."

I do not go unnoticed and sentimental question of whose naked body, we see explicit scenes in the film. To the delight of many women in the world, all the sex scenes performed by Leo himself.

I did not have stunt doubles. All alone, all by himself. Throughout this I himself. Hopefully, however, the audience liked it. Well, if you undertake this kind of work, it's silly to hesitate. I'm mad capitalist in the distorted version!

Releasing the film a year, many of which can hardly be called mediocre, or looping, Leonardo does not forget about his personal life - about his friends. Among the closest friends of the actor is and his colleagues - Kate Winslet, which Leo had met long before "Titanic", and childhood friend Tobey Maguire, DiCaprio whose children called "Uncle Leo».

Kate - my closest friend. We can not hesitate to tell each other everything. We were kids when starring together in "Titanic", but even then it seemed to me more mature and wiser than myself. She supported me during the filming of James Cameron's where I got it thanks to her - I would hardly have agreed to star in this film, whether in its place by someone else.
Since then, we have become close friends, almost every day we talk with each other. Friends - but not lovers. Kate - amazing, I love it. And she believes in marriage - that its quality I admire. She is able to build his personal life again and again, and it is very difficult to do in our business. Of course, I agreed to lead Kate down the aisle when she married for the third time. And keep all details confidential. It could not have been otherwise.

But the question of marriage is still open for Leo - the actor does not renounce family life, but does not mention specific names. In any case, from his answers it becomes clear that in the near future we will not see it in front of the altar with one of his gorgeous blondes.

Believe me, I have a huge amount of duties and obligations, even though I'm not married. With my work schedule, being absent for six months on the set, it is difficult to create a serious and stable relationship. I try not to think anything, and certainly especially in terms of personal life. I live day by day, without looking to the future. And there - we'll see.

And what about the "Oscar"? Like any sane person, DiCaprio does not preclude finally get the cherished statuette this year, moreover, that the reason for this the most that neither is on the right - "The Wolf of Wall Street" is a special project for him. But Leo does not build grandiose plans, and certainly does not share the opinion that it is necessary to give the "Oscar" just "because it's time." In any case, what is right, that is inevitable.

I confess that I receive the award from the hands of his colleagues in the acting workshop is very nice. And when something is sure to happen. I'd really like to get "Oscar" was for "The Wolf of Wall Street." I nurtured this movie from beginning to end. I have two of these works to life - "The Aviator" and "The Wolf of Wall Street." To remove the "Aviator", it took eight years, "Wolf" I spent five years of his life. I put them all that I could, and I can safely assert that without my efforts would not have happened. I hate to say it, but these pictures - my children.


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