People who have disappeared (10 photos)

Thousands of people each year go missing, and cases of disappearances are really discouraging when investigators there is virtually nothing with which one would work - a situation in which no one saw, and there is no reasonable explanation. This is almost the same as if these people literally vanished into thin air.

1. Maura Murray

Ninth February 2004 21-year-old student at the University of Massachusetts Maura Murray said by e-mail to your teachers and employers that forced to leave due to the death (fictional) of one of her family members. That same evening, she had an accident, crashed his car into a tree near Vudsvila, New Hampshire. By coincidence, a couple of days earlier Maura also had an accident and broke another car.
The driver of a passing bus came and asked Maura whether to call the police. The girl replied "no", but the driver still made the call as soon as get to the nearest phone. When ten minutes later the police arrived, Maura was gone.
At the scene found no signs of a struggle, so perhaps Maura asked someone to drive it. The next day, the groom Maura from Oklahoma received a voice message, allegedly from her, but I heard on the other end only sobs. Although Maura in the last days before disappearing behaved a little strange, her family does not believe that she disappeared on their own.

It's been nine years, but what happened to the girl to find out it was not possible.

2. Brandon Swanson

The evening of 14 May 2008 when nineteen Brandon Swanson was returning to his hometown of Marshall, Minnesota, on a rural gravel road, his car flew into a ditch. Brandon called his parents and asked me to come with him. Those immediately went in search of vyna, but have not been able to find it. Father called him back, Brandon picked up the phone and said that he tries to get to the nearest town Lead. And in the middle of a conversation Brandon suddenly cursed, and the connection abruptly ended.

Brandon's father tried to call back a few more times, but got no answer and could not find her son. Police later found the car of Brandon, but I could not find either the guy or his cell phone. According to one version, he could accidentally drowned in a nearby river, but no trace of her body was found. No one knows what prompted Brandon swear during ringing, but it was the last thing heard from him.

3. Louis Le Prince

Louis Le Prince - the famous French inventor who first managed to capture moving images on film. Ironically, the "father of cinema" and remembered as the subject of one of the strangest in the history of disappearances. September 16, 1890 Le Prince was visiting his brother in Dijon, and then went on the train to Paris. When the train arrived at the destination, it appears that Le Prince vanished.

The last time Le Prince saw included in his car after checking luggage. Traces of violence or something suspicious during the trip were found, no one could remember what I saw Le Prince out of his car. The windows were tightly closed, so jump off the train would be quite difficult, but the version of suicide in general seemed unlikely, as Le Prince was going to go to America to get a patent for his new invention.

As a result of the disappearance of a patent for a peep show (the device to demonstrate the successive motion pictures) went to Thomas Edison. As for Le Prince, his fate still remains a mystery.

4. Michael Negrete

At four in the morning of the tenth December 1999 18-year-old UCLA freshman named Michael Negrete shut down your computer - all night long he was playing video games with friends. At nine in the morning woke up his roommate and noticed that Michael is gone, but he left all his belongings, including keys and wallet. He was never seen.

The most curious and the disappearance of Michael - the guy even left his shoes. Investigators have used search dogs, trying to trace the path of Michael to the bus stop, located a few miles from the hostel, but how could he get away so far without shoes? Not far from the scene at 4:35 am saw only one person, but no one knows whether it is related to the disappearance of Michael. There is no reason to believe that Michael had disappeared on their own, but the news about the fate of Michael no more than ten years.

5. Barbara Bolik

July 18, 2007 Barbara Bolick, 55-year-old woman from Corvallis, Montana, went hiking in the mountains with his friend Jim Ramaker, who came from California. When Jim stopped to admire the scenery, Barbara was 6-9 meters behind him, but he turned in less than a minute later, he discovered that the woman disappeared. To search joined the police, but to find a woman did not succeed.

At first glance, the story of Jim Ramaker sounds absolutely incredible. However, he cooperated with the authorities, and as evidence of his involvement in the disappearance of Barbara was no longer considered him a suspect. Guilty probably would have tried to come up with a better story, and not to say that the victim simply vanished into thin air. It's been six years, but traces of violent death was never found, as any hint of what could have happened to Barbara.

6. Michael Giron

August 23, 2008 51-year-old Michael Giron went to his farm in Happy Valley, Tennessee, planning to cut the grass on the lawn. That morning, neighbors saw Michael left the farm on his all-terrain vehicle - and that was the last time you saw him. The next day, Michael's friends visited the farm and saw his truck parked on the road. To it was attached trailer, which revealed the mower, but the grass on the lawn has remained intact. His friends came back the next day and were worried when we saw a truck parked in the same place, which still lay keys, cell phone and wallet.

Three days after the disappearance of Michael investigators found a single clue: all-terrain vehicle on a steep hill, located a mile from his home. However, it was unclear why he was sent there. Besides, did not show any signs of violence. Michael had no enemies and some other reasons to hide, so his disappearance was truly unfathomable mystery.

7. April Fabb

One of the most famous disappearances in British history took place in Norfolk, April 8, 1969. 13-year-old schoolgirl named April Fabb left the house and went to her sister in a neighboring village. She went back on the bike, and the last time she saw a truck driver. At 14:06 he saw the girl drove through the country road. And at 14:12 her bicycle was found in the middle of a field a few hundred yards from the place where it was seen, but no trace of April was not.

Abduction seemed the most likely scenario for the disappearance of April, but the attacker would have only six minutes to kidnap the girl and leave the scene of the crime so that no one noticed. Large-scale search for April did not give a single clue.

This case has much to do with the disappearance of another young girl, Janet Tate in 1978, so as a possible suspect was seen Robert Black - the infamous killer of children. However, there is no evidence to definitively determine his involvement in the disappearance of April, so this is also a mystery remains unsolved.

8. Brian Shaffer

27-year-old medical student from the University of Ohio in the evening of the first in April 2006 went to a bar. Somewhere between 1:30 and 2:00, he mysteriously disappeared. That night he drank a lot and, after talking with his girlfriend on his cell phone, was last seen in the company of two young women. However, no one in the bar could not remember having seen it then.

The most difficult question in this story, which has remained unanswered is how Brian left the bar. The footage from the CCTV camera is clearly visible as he walked into the bar, but not for one frame has not been sealed, as it came out! Neither friends Brian and his family do not believe that he disappeared on purpose. Three weeks before he was a good student and was planning to go on vacation with his girlfriend. But if Brown kidnapped or he was the victim of another crime, the attacker pulled him out of the bar, go unnoticed no witnesses, no CCTV cameras?

9. Jason Yolkovski

On the morning of June 13, 2001 19-year-old Jason Yolkovski summoned to work. He asked his friend to pick him up in a neighboring high school, but it never appeared.

Last time Jason saw his neighbor, about half an hour before the scheduled meeting, when the guy was carrying garbage cans in his garage. Surveillance cameras high school show that it did not appear there. Jason did not have personal problems or some other reason to disappear, there is also no evidence to suggest that it could something happen. His fate remains a mystery, and twelve years later.

In 2003, Jim and Kelly Yolkovski immortalized the name of his son, founded his project - a non-profit organization, has become one of the most famous foundations for the families of the missing.

10. Nicole Morin

July 30, 1985 eight-Nicole Morin left his mother's penthouse in Toronto. That morning, Nicole was going to swim in the pool with his girlfriend. She said goodbye to her mother and left the apartment, but 15 minutes later, her friend came to know why Nicole has not yet emerged.

Nicole has led to the disappearance of holding one of the largest police investigations in the history of Toronto, but traces of the girl was never found. The most plausible assumption was that someone could steal Nicole as soon as she left the apartment, but the building, there were twenty floors, so it would be pretty hard to quietly bring it out. One of the residents said that he saw Nicole suited to the elevator, but no one saw nothing and heard. Almost thirty years later, authorities have not collected enough data to determine what happened to Nicole Morin.


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