This is not to be measured Hummers

German shipbuilders from Lürssen, experts yachts elite class, they let down the stocks of the new masterpiece - a 180-meter Azzam. One could, of course called "Insomnia Abramovich" as a new creature long yacht Roman Abramovich for 18 meters, and its watercraft before officially considered the longest in the world among motor yachts.
Needless to say, the owner of the most complex project to date, the company has become, as it is now usual, is unnamed family of Abu Dhabi. (Funny how some people are encrypted. Well, tomorrow we learn - and what? Superstitions, prejudices)
The boat was not only krupnenky (where, incidentally, the main salon has turned six hundred squares - 30 * 20. Managed to build it unsupported - there are no columns. Nothing to spoil the beauty), but also quickly. Thirty knots - not your sheep spit. Still, when the engine is at a ninety-four thousand horses.
The interior of the new record holder is also appropriate, they engaged the French designer Christophe Leoni (Christophe Leoni).
We look forward to a more detailed photo and video report on the interior. Curiously, after all. This is not Gelend, Hummer or Maybach. And on a technical stuffing desirable detail. Still very adult toy.


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