Big business

The first auto companies to offer discounts on their cars - Ford. The amount of the discount was already $ 50 car - Ford Model T
The first company to earn over a billion dollars a year - General Motors in 1955
In the US city of Nashville has the largest income health care system - 18.3 billion dollars annually, followed by the recording industry - 6.1 billion
Worldwide annually drunk so much Coke that it is possible to fill 3.5 million bathtubs
Only one factory in Chicago Nabisco Corporation produces 16 billion a year
cakes In Chicago O'Hare Airport has 15 fast food restaurants of Starbucks
Pizza Hut Corporation annually is used to fill more than 250 million tons of tomatoes
The most popular dishes in Indian McDonalds - Maharaja Mac (Maharaja Mac) and MakKartoshka Tikki (McAloo Tikki)
In the US, more than 300 networks of fast food restaurants
Annual revenue of the supermarket chain Wal-Mart is comparable with the income of a country like Russia
Tourists coming to Loch Ness, Scotland annually bring $ 40 million
The biggest turn out for pizza Pizza Hut fixed network in Paris
Role playing in the US have a turnover of 3.5 billion dollars


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