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The average African household consumes approximately 5 gallons (23 liters of water per day). The average American household consumes a little more than 250 gallons (~ 946 liters) per day.
One billion people worldwide do not have access to fresh drinking water.
According to the WWDR (World Water Development Programme), many girls in the developing world do not have access to school facilities, as to them shall be responsible for collecting water for household needs. In addition, many schools simply do not have separate toilets.
Every 8 minutes because of problems with contaminated water in the world, one child dies.
Twenty-five million people die each year from contaminated water. That is, it is about the population of the whole of Canada.
Contaminated water or an infected one of the causes of the epidemic in the emerging economies.
The pollutants in tap water, such as, for example, lead - can increase the risk of disorders in attention and memory of the child.
EPA (Agency for Environmental Protection) summarized the calculations, according to which it follows that Americans annually consume about 40 trillion gallons of water from underground sources, and each decade, this figure increases to 25%. Scientists said that the contaminated groundwater and pumped at a pace that nature does not have time to regenerate this resource.
In the town of Bellevue (Ohio), since 1872, public and private waste from the production of with normal household waste dumped into pits and wells. Now, even 120 years later, these wastes are still to be found in drinking water. In some wells, and untreated wastewater is still possible to see the undecomposed pieces of toilet paper.
Act of 1974 "about the safety of drinking water" from the agency EPA regulates only 91 out of more than 60,000 of allowable chemicals used in the United States. Such low levels of official approvals may be permitted to communicate with a wide range of cardiovascular and cancer.
Wide infrastructure of the city indicates the tremendous pace of development, which greatly increases the risk of contaminants in the water.
The tap water destined for more than 41 million Americans, was discovered a huge range of drugs, including sex hormones and preservatives.
Random Research Agency for Environmental Agency (EPA) have shown that the management of companies engaged in pouring bottled water is generally not testing for medical staff, and does not require verification of sanitary norms in production.
Efforts to tighten and lifting drinking water standards that would regulate and limit the total consumption of water contaminated with substances such as pehlorat (additive to rocket fuel), trichlorethylene (degreaser used in production) and perchlorethylene (cleaning solvent) were blocked by civilians and military lobbyists.
In the United States, a number of new toxic waste, totaling about 18 billion pounds a year into the atmosphere, soil and groundwater.
Americans throw away each hour about 2, 5 million of used empty plastic bottles. Moreover, in order to decompose the plastic in the ground requires at least 500 years.
More than 62 million Americans-name, since 2004, have been exposed to state companies claim for the poor quality of tap water. Some lawsuits are still going on already for many years.
Scientists say publicly that much obsolete requirements of the law "On the safety of drinking water" (1974) is no longer able to fully protect Americans from serious danger to their health, lurking in the drinking water.
Toxic substances that enter the body through tap water, can accumulate in it over the years, increasing the risk of cancer and other, no less serious, types of diseases.
Average water molecule can exist about 9 days under 2 weeks in the river, 10 years in a large lake, from 3000 to 5000 in the ocean, 10,000-100,000 years under the ground, and from 10,000 to 1 million years in the Antarctic ice sheet.


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