Right-handed people the left hemisphere

The man with the dominance of the left hemisphere is able to easily make hypotheses, and also easy to give them up.
If you put a child on his stomach, then, as a rule, the right-hander turned his head to the right and left handed people usually left. Sometimes it turns out that after repeated studies revealed no special preferences.
It has been observed that older children are much more effective reproduce heard the word before, if the analysis is carried out directly by the left hemisphere.
Short left-hand exposure to electrical shock breaks verbal memory. From a small list of words, the subject is unlikely to be able to play and a half. Even the hint does not help him remember. The big advantage in this situation is worsening visual memory.
Soundscapes names of objects stored in the left hemisphere, and the names themselves in the right
Leading the eyes of most people is right. On the left half tongue most taste buds, and it is sensitive to tastes than the right. On reactions to smells leader left half of the nose. There is an assumption that the left hemisphere is not interested in smells, and all information relating to the sense of smell is processed by the right hemisphere.
With enough pace of speech in the left hemisphere of the child necessarily begins to suppress any attempts by right counterpart in linguistic problems.
Many of the leading right-handed arm slightly longer than the other, and her nail bed a little bit larger than the left. In right-handers nose deviates to the right and left-handed - left-handers curl of hair on the head is twisted in a clockwise direction, and on the top left-hander in the other direction. It would seem that the direction of the navel - so stupid, but it is connected with it so many superstitions.
Highly developed sense of time and space can boast of people with particularly pronounced predominance of the functions of the left hemisphere of the brain.
It was found that the left hemisphere of the brain among his current responsibilities is assessing funny and enjoyable. For having a sense of humor, more precisely, it is responsible.
In cats, as in human society, most of the leaders in the number of right-handers.
It so happened that, by nature, people with a predominance of the left hemisphere functions are "Verkhoglyad." That is, they are trying to find the main part of the image, and its image is already doing a final conclusion. Now, it is understandable why they have to be very tight when compared to similar objects.
Ability to understand and reproduce sounds associated with the left hemisphere always, except in certain cases.
Jewish and Christian traditions - all right-handed by nature and practice. In many denominations, the priest should be guided more right hand to do all the blessings on the right side, as it symbolizes "the strong right hand of God».
Left hemisphere easily comprehended skills in finding differences.
The work of the right hemisphere is carried out automatically, according to a predetermined program, and the left controls the mental processes arbitrarily decides on any issues, and the right to obey him.
More developed sense of time and space can boast of people with rapid dominance of the left hemisphere.
Already in the fifth year of life, the right hand in right-handers begins to perform ever more complex manipulations.
The left hemisphere is always interested in the shape of objects obtained through visual perception.
Complicated song canaries, primitive sparrows and songs of other birds studied under the control of the left hemisphere. Only in the Amazon parrots in the generation of sounds involved both hemispheres. Perhaps they themselves primordial sounds parrot manages the left hemisphere, and imitation of others - right.
The left hemisphere only need 2 years to mastering grammar. The right to work on the development of foreign languages ​​all his life. On the other hand, the task of mastering a second (foreign) language is given to the left hemisphere.
The right hand is mentioned in the Bible in positive terms about a hundred times, while the left hand - only 25 times, and everywhere negative.
The left hemisphere is interested in more signal sequence, while the right leads to the simultaneous processing, regardless of complexity.
After turning off the left hemisphere highlights the impaired ability to handle information coming in serial form. The main objective of this hemisphere, if information is the analysis of the sequence, but the right is responsible for assessing the duration of the event, and he does not care in what form the data will be processed.
The left hemisphere in nature and there has been a fierce critic. It is practically not capable of recognizing the world in such a detailed and at the same time simple form as its right counterpart. All perception of the world he is reduced to the analysis of "bad" and "what is good", and conducted a thorough inspection of all outgoing rules and exceptions.
Understand the meaning of the written word - the work of the left hemisphere, to identify the handwriting to write - right, "levopolusharniku" is simply not available.
In the left hemisphere the memory contains a whole abstracted information. And in the right hemisphere memory is organized according to the following condition: "either all or nothing." If suddenly from an image stored in the right hemisphere, fade some details, the image loses its meaning and is destroyed.
The right hemisphere is primarily responsible for the past, and left for the future, and more than that - busy planning the current and planned future activities.


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