Lefty's right brain

Great lefties: I.Pavlov, Charlie Chaplin and Picasso. For a particularly pronounced left-handedness became known - King George V and the Roman emperor Tiberius.
Lefty reach sexual maturity later than righties.
Only 25-35% of left-handers among people for speech functions meets the right hemisphere.
Premature babies are more likely to be left-handed.
The responsibilities of the right hemisphere includes surveillance of the level of efficiency of its left counterpart, maintaining it at a proper level. Probably, during the disorders of the twins left, the right hemisphere is trying as much as possible to restore full operation of the brain.
Few people know that the famous artist Leonardo da Vinci most of his paintings painted with his left hand in a mirror image.
Ten years ago, Japan was very difficult to find a left-hander. And not because there are none, although the statistics - not less than 5% of the population. Everything lies in the fact that the person who primarily use the left hand is seen as inferior. And because the child born left-handed, since childhood make better use of his right hand. But this does not help, as an adult, at work and when it is masked strangers - using the right hand, and coming home allows himself to relax and work their "home" - left.
Numerous studies show that the left-hander often become alcoholics, schizophrenics, or have dyslexia. There is also a high probability of occurrence of Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, or the appearance of mental disability. It should be noted that, in spite of the above facts, the left-hander survived - thanks to greater success in the battles and battles.
Researchers pretty suffer subjects before they realized that by nature the right hemisphere is not a parasite, and its presence is necessary. When you turn off the right hemisphere in humans is usually "untied" language. For unsociable and reserved people, after inactivation of the hemisphere, most often notice the extreme talkativeness.
Eskimos in each Lefty sees potential sorcerer.
There is another phenomenon that is unique to the true left-handers - mirror writing. For the first time it can be found only at the beginning of training the child's writing.
Carrying countable operations are not possible without the participation of the right hemisphere.
One of the four astronauts "Apollo" was left-handed.
Neuroscientists have concluded that the brain fastest team enter the muscles of the left half of the body, and it means that left-handers are applied in the work itself, the left hand should be very fast reactions.
The image memory is one of the main functions of the right hemisphere.
Lefties are most prone to allergies and asthma.
The majority of the world's population analysis of vowel sounds can be assigned to the share of the right hemisphere. Only the peoples of old language skills Tongan, Maori or vostochnosamoanskim, the structure of the brain is organized along the eastern type.
Jack the Ripper, Osama bin Laden, the Boston Strangler - all were left-handed.
The right hemisphere is very bad to cope with the tasks of sorting and classification. For him, each new object is unique and uniquely individual.
Based on visual images and generalizations, the right brain makes a prediction and the subsequent extrapolation of the current course of events.
Right-brain people are more penetrates into the figurative vision of the world. That is why, with partial functions of the left sibling abuse, full, or it can be a significant loss of speech, the ability of patients to remain artistic activity.
It so happened that during the writing and reading Asians, unlike the Europeans, responsible directly to the right hemisphere.
According to the researchers - the proportion of left-handers remains unchanged for more than 30 thousand years.
The world of musical sounds is available only the right half of the brain.
The right hemisphere is not friendly to the grammar. For him, even such a simple thing as the plural and singular, future, present and past time, do not exist, because it is unable to understand the relationship between object and subject.
The symbols in pictographic form located in the right hemisphere, and it damaged their understanding may be lost. The main visual feature of this hemisphere is the synthesis of the perception of image structure.
For hemispheric person will not be difficult choice pairs of identical objects.
In Scotland, there is a saying that describes the human bad luck: "It must have been baptized by the priest left-handed».
No matter how hard, the left hemisphere - is not able to recognize familiar voices. This obligation is fully reclines on his right brother, after turning off which man by no means able to recognize voices and even the closest relatives to it people.
Juniata - Huntington College (Pennsylvania) provides awards up to $ 1,500 in the form of academic scholarship student lefties who have achieved the best results in the transcripts, examination sheets.
Only true left-hander in the right hemisphere of the disease may experience a phenomenon of the lack of the right half of his body and space. They never finish the right side of the text, do not notice the right side of the drawings and do not react to changes in the right margin of the space around them.
As a fellow left, the right hemisphere is also showing the ability to abstraction and mental activity, only the abstraction entirely associated with logical structures, and can not put into words. Actually, like all right-brain function, they are like character.
If a person with a predominance of the right hemisphere to 3 tablets with applied on them letters from which you want to make a word - he will do it. More difficult will have to make a word from 4 letters, and do not really of 5.
Emotional - secondary function of the right hemisphere. For six years the child already almost completely able to control their emotions.
If for some reason the left-hander is deprived of his dominant hand, or it loses its basic function, it is easier to learn to use a different hand than right-handers.
After turning right hemisphere of any situation is simplified, made more understandable to humans. The thing is that the frontal lobes of the hemispheres are connected directly to the needs of the areas and their main task is to create for our current and future goals. The same sections of the opposite hemisphere puzzled specifying ways and means of solutions that are needed to achieve the intended goals. So it turns out that when you turn off the left hemisphere of the person still continues to shape the goals, but the means of achieving unable to come up with.


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