Scientists have found how our brain determines which ear - right or left - to make mobile phone

According to statistics, 70% of people applied to the phone side or the other, depending on which hand they lead: for right-handed users prefer to listen to the right and left handed, respectively, on the left. And it would seem, where does the brain? How convenient, and hold on! But the human body - a complex mechanism, and none of it occurring in the process can not be accidental.

According to a recently conducted at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, studies, people actively use the left hemisphere of the brain, most are right-handed, and hold the phone near the right ear. Those who in their thought processes increasingly turning to the right hemisphere of the brain, on the other hand, the left-hander, and apply a mobile phone to the left ear. It is worth noting that "levodumayuschih" Most people in the world - more than 95%.

These seemingly frivolous observations allowed scientists to make serious conclusions. Firstly, according to which side of the man holding a mobile phone, easy to install, it is a right-hander or left-handed, as well as what part of the brain in a more developed. Secondly, this study is one more proof that cell phones are not catalysts for the development of cancerous brain tumors. Because 95% of people holding a phone to the right, it would be logical to assume that the tumor arises in the left hemisphere of the brain, but the statistics of cancer that does not confirm a tumor is formed with the same frequency on both the left and right sides.

Thus, the study found that there is a certain correlation between the dominance of brain hemispheres and preferences, what kind of an ear "substitute" for the phone calls. And what "ear" you?



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