25 facts about the man and not only

Ambidexters - people equally, holding both hands. Less than 1% of the population of the planet can boast this ability.
Has always been a mystery - why primitive people associated the right side with the male, and the left - with the female. Known anthropologist L.Liki, at the very beginning of its activity the scientific, were found in a cave Elmenteyna (Kenya) ancient burial in which a female skeleton lay on the left side, and men - on the right.
The left hemisphere is in its composition to 186 million neurons (nerve cells) is larger than the right.
For many years, scientists and physicians believed that tinnitus - a structural feature of the mechanics of the ear, but recent studies have found that actually sounds appear after signal processing by the brain.
From the statistics it is known that the left-hander die an average of 9 years earlier than right-handers.
According to tradition, the left hand is itching - that you will lose money, and the right - that'll get.
Research scientists have shown that left-handers are most talented in mathematics, architecture, spatial awareness. Right-handed people tend to be more talented in communication.
During the development of children up to 6 years, both hands are sometimes developed to the same extent.
In caecilians (original amphibians) are more developed left lung, but the snakes - pre-emptive rights.
Woodpecker has an unusually long tongue size, which they use to capture food in natural crevices or holes carved. Language itself is so great that barely fit in the mouth bird, and at the bottom (under the lower jaw bone) two bundles skirts plexus cervical vertebrae, climbs up the larynx, and are merged into a single bunch, fixed in the cavity of the right nostril so it turns out that woodpeckers breathe just left.
Apulpatsiya - impaired ability to reproduce countable operations.
Still remains a mystery why a fading of abstract thinking and good mood disappears.
Motor units right and left hemispheres are responsible for the opposite to each other body parts. Each hemisphere of the brain commands only half a body belonging to him, but the information about the state of organs and limbs, as well as nerve impulses received from both.
In monkeys and humans any of the optic nerve branches in the same number of nerve fibers in both hemispheres.
The left hand is most accurately detects the temperature of the object, but in assessing its weight preference is given to the right. Moreover, such an asymmetry here tactile abilities developed during childhood. It could be detected even in the 6-year old children.
Nature has endowed man with two forms of thinking and auditory systems. If the damage is one, the other can completely replace it.
Each language has its own set of sounds. For example, in our language - 36 consonants and 6 vowels. At the same level and the ratio of sounds in many languages ​​of the countries of Europe. Only here in the native language Abasins (one of the Abkhaz-Adyghe peoples of the Caucasus) is present 65 consonants and only 2 vowels sound ("a" and "s"). Up to hundreds of consonants contained in the few Sami dialects - people living on the Kola Peninsula.
Letters for vowels Greeks invented the very first, and only then, from the Greek alphabet, they were taken in the alphabets of the other peoples of the world. Only for Europeans value vowel sounds are still not significant. They were and remain the only additional sounds. The thing is that to understand the speech they are not as important as consonants.
The ability of a conventional reading and writing move to the mirror and back many psychiatrists evaluated as a sign of a highly individual.
In higher animals, both hemispheres of the brain are connected together and are always working simultaneously. Only in dolphins, they are able to function separately. In these animals, the brain never completely asleep, one hemisphere is always awake. And how would in turn rents "watch" your neighbor. After one of the hemispheres waking - waking shares with him the new information received during the shift. During a dangerous situation (attack predatory fish, etc..) Waking brain wakes his neighbor.
Hemispheres of the brain to exchange information at the moment of its receipt, it turns out that both are learning immediately. At the expiration of such longer period as the accumulated each hemisphere information is available only to its owner.
Our visual system is designed so that the image obtained with the help of the left eye, gets to the right hemisphere, and from the right eye to the left hemisphere.
Recently, in Society for Neuroscience, the assumption has been stated that the visual information is obtained from the left hemisphere, respectively, right eye he converted into voice signals. So exactly the way information flows from the left eye to the right hemisphere and recoded here in space-time.
Birds do not have ears. In some species of dolphins auditory canals arranged on the side surface of the front part of the body at the same level with the eyes, and certainly one of the channels will be slightly closer than the other. Also, there are also some asymmetry in the structures of the auditory centers.
Scientists conducted experiments on chickens and aquarium fish. Relied on the fact that they understand the differentiation of each hemisphere entering his visual images, and as a consequence, the emergence of different behavior. After the birth, the little chick sealed right eye and slipped him a chicken, let us understand that this bird is his mother. A few days later the procedure was repeated, now sealed with the left eye, and slipped chick duck. Now, depending on what kind of eyes taped - the bird and he believes his mother. From left open - for chicken runs, open the right - for a duck. Exactly the same experience has been done with the aquarium goldfish. Only now, after the closure of the right eye - the fish generously fed, and after closing the left - drove to the aquarium, and she hid in terror among the seaweed. You probably wondered what she would do if you open both eyes at the same time? She got sick, as both its hemisphere could not agree on what to do - hide from the offender, or swim for feeding.


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