12 evidence that you are damn smart, even if you do not think so

Each of us probably had to deal with people who love to extol themselves and their abilities. Well, in most cases, so do people nearby. Shakespeare once wrote: "A fool thinks he is clever; Smart knows that he is a fool. " And now, in his words confirm scientists have deduced effect Dunning - Kruger - a phenomenon when smart people do not believe in his intelligence

. You do not think you are damn smart? Here's some proof that you are wrong. We believe that will find at least a couple of them at home right now.

1. You studied music

Numerous studies show: music lessons help in the development of children. One of them says that in only a month of training in children 4-6 years have greatly improved the test results, in addition, such a study is given to children in general easier. We played as a child on the violin? So that's why you now so well clueless!

2. You are the eldest child in the family against science not trample, and yet another study says, the older children there is a small but significant advantage in IQ than their younger brothers and sisters. For this reason, the first-born tend to be a bit more successful.

3. You have a slim figure

another was carried out in 2006 an unusual study that revealed an interesting relationship: the higher the waistline at the person, the lower the cognitive ability. According to other sources, 11-year-olds, which showed the worst results on tests, are more prone to obesity for 40 years. Most likely, their smarter peers learn better, they tend to be educated in the future look after their health and lifestyle.

4. You are breast-fed in infancy Scientists of Great Britain and New Zealand studied nearly 3,000 children and found that children who were breastfed scored almost 7 points more than in passing test IQ. But this applies only to those who have a certain gene version (by the way, this gene is present in children who have grown up without breastfeeding). But the exact mechanism of the interaction between this gene and breastfeeding still turns.

5. Do you love to read since childhood

I love to read for as long as you remember? I'm sure you have a sharp mind, especially if you love books you literally from the cradle. Studies 2000 pairs of twins were studied, and found that one of the kids who learned to read early, later gets better results for the tests. The study authors suggest that reading from an early age improves both verbal and non-verbal abilities.

6. You southpaw There is evidence that among criminals for some reason a large number of left-handed enough - scientists and can not explain this phenomenon. But recent studies have shown that left-handers tend to divergent thinking - creative thinking method usually used for solving problems and tasks. Lefties more creative and able to wriggle out of difficult situations - is not an indicator of the mind

7?. Do you often worry

More and more studies show that people who often worry and worry can be smarter than others. Well, perhaps, is because they are thinking about the consequences and try to do the job as well as possible: how much do not worry, when your shoulders rests the responsibility

8?. You have high growth Princeton University studies have shown that children learn best high peers and in adulthood earn more. So straighten your back and proudly walk through life: you can be proud of

9!. You can be funny

As it turns out, a sense of humor and intelligence have a relationship, and this is one of the most desirable qualities in a man. In one study, 400 students were tested to determine the intelligence, and then they also come up with funny captions for frames from cartoons. Guess whose signatures were funnier?

10. Are you curious psychology professor at the London Business University came to the conclusion that curiosity - an important feature of smart people. Curious people have a more elegant type of thinking, to the same for a long time, it is interesting to learn new things and self-development.

11. Do you prefer a mess

Creative mess - a long time ago well-established concept, but studies even claim that he also acts as a sort of "fuel" for the creative mind. So do not frighten inspiration grandiose cleaning - let it wait

12.. You are a real night owl It's funny, but it was found that night owls have a higher level of intelligence than early birds. Ability to work and engage in creative work at night, as we know, was not inherent in us by nature. And so the researchers concluded: smart people go to bed later, because in this way trying to broaden the scope of its features. Here we could sleep a couple of hours - a great way for the further evolution of man, whether

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