A cup of espresso contains less caffeine than a cup of regular coffee
Deep fried coffee "weaker" than the average fried, because heat treatment reduces the concentration of caffeine beans
Frederick the Great often drank coffee with champagne and mustard
Until 2004, caffeine was part of the International Olympic list of banned substances
It is believed that King Louis XIV was the first to add sugar in coffee in 1715
When Beethoven made some coffee, he personally counted 60 beans in every cup
The human body can absorb one-time up to 300 mg of caffeine, excess "will pass»
Technically speaking, the coffee - it's fruit juice
In the 18th century, coffee was added to taste butter
The French philosopher Voltaire daily drank 50-70 cups of coffee
Coffee is the second largest circulation of goods in the world. In the first place oil.
The average American consumes as much caffeine that this amount of substance can kill a horse
Historians believe that the famous writer Honore de Balzac died due to poisoning caffeine
Kilogram of coffee beans get 100 cups of coffee, and a kilogram of tea leaves - 300 cups of tea.


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