UK residents eat as much fried beans, as the rest of the world
In which country is most drink soft drinks? In Iran
The biggest fans of sugar - the Cubans, the biggest fans of cornflakes - Ireland
Italy imports most of noodles from the US and Canada
Every year in France eat more than 200 million frogs
In Japan, vending machines, where you can buy freshly pasta
In Germany, 1,200 species of sausages
In the UK, in restaurants every second of eight fish dishes served
In China, the pancakes are often eaten as a meal or side dish accompanying
The most popular filler for pizza in India - lamb with ginger
The most popular filler for pizza in Germany - sauerkraut with onions
In Sweden horse meat is more popular than lamb
In ancient Greece, a popular delicacy were buns with cheese
In China, the annual consumption of 135 million tons of rice
The most popular fillings for pizza in Japan - meat eel and squid


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