Circus, circus, circus

Flying (air) trapeze was invented in the 19th century in France Julius leotards
The diameter of the standard circus arena - 12.8 meters, is selected so no accident. At this size, the horse can gallop run around without dropping riders off his back
In 1793, George Washington was involved in one of the circus
October 13, 1916 for the murder of an employee of the circus in Erwin, Tennessee, was hanged ... elephant
Actor Burt Lancaster worked in the circus from 1932 to 1939, and 20 years later in the film "Trapeze" independently performed his tricks kinogeroya
Balancing act - is a combination of gymnastics and juggling
Human cannonball not shoots out of a cannon with gunpowder, and pushed out a powerful catapult. Flash, smoke and sound of the shot were added with the help of fireworks
Throwing knives technically refers to the section of circus arts called "picket fence art» (impalement arts)


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