Credit bail immortal "goods"

In Riga, there was a strange financial firm Kontora, that any inhabitant of Latvia an adult gives money. Nothing unusual in that there would be, if not the conditions of the loan agreement. For information on the conditions of the loan from the Riga journalists of the newspaper "News Today" were ready for the first take belated April Fool's joke, but it was serious.

Before you get the desired amount (Kontora not particularly at risk, provides from 50 to 500 lats), the borrower, as usual, is to execute the contract. But here's the fun begins: the document states that the undersigned takes the necessary secured loan "their intangible nature, namely, his immortal soul." "I also certify that the above pledge to this point is the unencumbered property of the undersigned." After these words should sign.

On more than a strange office, the newspaper said the alert reader. According to him, these firms perform some diabolical task. "Think of the novel" The Master and Margarita "by Mikhail Bulgakov. My friend decided to take the money there. He said that the company is a great place. I believe that this is a demonic cult, that in difficult times for the country buying up souls! »

Incidentally, it is interesting to note the agreement: "Force majeure force majeure not covered».

Meanwhile, an employee of the company Kontora told "to Conduct Today" said that nothing wrong in buying the human soul does not see.

"Business is business. We do give out money to people quite specific. If a person values ​​his soul, that he would return the loan. I think everything is fair. Let everyone decide for himself that he was more "- he said.

As it turned out, the loan is given "only on the security specified in the contract," that is, the money changed exclusively on the soul. Borrow for the use you have to pay 1% per day. "In case of default the loan, or interest on it for 90 days after the collateral becomes full and unconditional order zaemodatelya».

The newspaper explained that "the security of the borrower can redeem or exchange at zaemodatelya after 90 days on the terms proposed zaemodatelem." Apparently, we are talking about an additional monetary compensation.

Priest Riga Orthodox church of the Holy Trinity to learn the essence of the case, he said that it was a diabolical purchase.

"This is a very dangerous idea. How can I sell my soul? She is immortal! If a person renounces his soul, it means that he renounces and from God. Why not see him immortal life! "- Warned the father.

The financial bigwigs are going to do anything to earn more. On the other hand, sadly, for the sake of money people are willing to sell even the soul. But it really is priceless. But apparently, many indeed have lost the last remnants of conscience, if you are willing to subscribe to such unthinkable contracts concluded in his publication Riga newspaper.


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