This fine English humor

How did the different perceptions of the same event in different societies. For example, take the situation quite ordinary - the husband found out about his wife's infidelity - and consider it in the format of a joke with a few nations.
Well, of course, Russian wife to go with broken Face. That's for sure.
The American, of course, would have won on all counts divorce.
The Frenchman - a new acquaintance invited to "L'Amour de trois", if any, would be realized four.
Englishman. That's what would make an Englishman, what do you think? But guess hell!
Everything was done very subtly, in a refined style and, of course, humor. English. Where did without it.
He found, therefore, a detailed dossier of his wife on a dating site. Well, what a wife with such an attitude to life has left a family open their mail at the general computer - is her personal problems. Which have had for her unexpected fragrant consequences. On the site, it is very much to cry for about an evil sudbinushki and hubby drove to hurl. Understandably, stung to the quick by this turn of events, a cold-blooded Briton has accomplished hellish revenge.
Because the little woman mentioned in the questionnaire that the same-thing for her - machine and horse, hubby decided to make a surprise for "two in one". And excreta of one object of adoration to sleep another.
At the same time, preserving the restraint inherent in the British sense of humor, I wrote in detail the whole process, do not forget to congratulate his wife a happy Valentine's Day. And put it on youtube.


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