WHAT subtle world:

The question that asks everyone who begins to get acquainted with the esoteric knowledge. Fully exhaustively answer the question - "What is the subtle world?" - Will be so difficult, how much is not easy to describe in detail the physical world, with all the phenomena of nature, the life of society, its properties of matter and the operation of physical laws.

Therefore, we will try to bring the most clear definition convey the essence and the basic characteristics of the Subtle World. The name itself has, in many respects, speaks for itself. Thin the world - this world is not material, not physical. Let's start with some definitions.

Thin World - definitions and characteristics:

Thin world - a world invisible to the physical eye, consisting of thin intangible energies, energy spaces egregors (similar cities or indoor), various worlds (light and dark) and the creatures living in them.

Thin the world affects the nature of the establishment and maintenance of energy systems provide the energy the Earth and its creatures (people, animals, plants, minerals, being the subtle world), the creation of program management of global physical and energetic processes of the Earth, creating the conditions for the training and development of creatures. < br />
Subtle world is responsible for the development of the individual through the creation of learning situations, information and energy impact. With adequate (relevant laws) and knowledge of the impact of the activities of the subtle world to man will be positive, with inadequate - negative.

In fact, the subtle world - a world where the soul is born and lives of each person (every living being), and where it departs every night on business, when you fall asleep. This is the world of God, the world between good and evil, a world where ideas are born, thoughts, and then sent to the consciousness of the people for the realization in the material world.

Science and progressive scientists proved and found that physical matter - the energy of the subtle world, compacted about 90 billion times. Of course the physical eyes can not capture so much more subtle energy. To do this, there are other capabilities inherent in every human being (his soul) - is astral vision (the third eye), inner vision, clairaudience, etc.

Thin the world, as well as physical - to create a hierarchy of Light (the Creator and the countless helpers) and developed by its laws and ideals. The physical world - designed for fast (faster and efficient) of beings (Shower): humans, animals, plants, minerals. Life in the physical body gives a lot of unique features and allows the soul to evolve in the tens and even hundreds of times faster than in the subtle world.

Man and subtle world.

Everyone can learn to consciously see, understand and interact with the subtle world and its creatures. This is taught in the corresponding esoteric schools. Interaction with the subtle world - opens up before man the unique opportunity: accelerating learn anything (from the best forces and people through their phantoms and soul), to work with his fate - to change it for the better (see and change the future, study the past and eliminate committed there mistakes and sins more. al.), to program the situation and many others. others. But certainly it requires a man of great purity (especially his motives) and compliance with all laws and regulations work in the subtle world.
We must realize that the subtle world is not terrible, as well, but it is not easy and requires a person of great knowledge, self-discipline, discernment between good and evil, as well as disclosed psychic abilities.


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