Heliotrope - the world's first "solar" house, which produces energy.

Now, many architects of the world, including the most famous, cultivate the idea of ​​creating homes and office buildings with zero or near-zero power consumption. Some enthusiasts are investing a lot of money and effort, and build their own "zero" home. For example, not so long ago, an American invested 300 thousand dollars (which is not so much for such projects), and built a house that really does not consume energy, and is not connected to the water supply or to the mains. The house provides himself ... But what would you say if they heard that there is already a real building that produces energy five times (!) More than it consumes? "Fiction" - I thought, having read about a house here. It turns out, is not a fantasy, but reality of today. This house is really a very futuristic, so to speak - it uses solar energy to the maximum, rotating with the sun. Thus, the solar panels always get the maximum flow of light, and advanced systems daylight allow residents not to include the additional light.
In addition to solar panels are also used thermal tubes to heat water (such systems is very much in Turkey - almost every house and hotel are equipped with such systems heat water).
In general, this system allows to classify this creation architects to real "nulevik." In addition, the system generates energy five times more than it can consume - and yet no building still can not say the same. In the United States and other countries, as we know, such a system can be connected to the power supply of any energy company that pays a money invested for each watt. Thus, the inhabitants of the house can not only do not spend on electricity supply, but also to earn.
This miracle is located in Germany, the city of Freiburg. Perhaps its creator, Ralph Disch, would never built anything like this, if 25 years ago the government zasobiralas not build nuclear power plants nearby. The architect has made every effort to prevent it, and succeeded. As a result, and also appeared Helitrope. Building rotates 180 degrees to the roof mounted solar battery 6, 6 kW / h.
As already mentioned, the roof is also water heating, which is used for heating the house during the cold season and in bathtubs and showers to residents of the building. And yet - the building collects rainwater, blowing on the needs of the inhabitants Helitrope


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