It has become a tradition

Well, like anything, so congratulations, smiling soldiers. But something embarrassing. Ah, so that can palm in the background. Although palm like a palm tree, though in Germany did not seem to grow, but oh well - suddenly.

And here's the original. US Marine with a carbine M1 on the island of Guam. Well, at least an ally in fact placed on the posters, not German soldiers as did many times. Probably soon see Putin in a black coat and a white raincoat Luntik, a helmet with PCA and on the background of the destroyed Reichstag.

That is why it is so messy, every year the same thing, the same shoals. Really do not understand. Is it so difficult not nakosyachit? Morons or something in a row on the placement and construction of billboards, or just nihilists. The Germans congratulated on his victory, then someone else.


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