Tips for those who want to live 100 years

At a time when rapidly "younger" not only cancer and diabetes, and dementia, the theme of active aging are interested in very many. American Dr. Tony Bryer in his blog shared with the audience very simple rules, which, in his opinion, will allow a person to maintain mobility and a clear mind to one hundred years.

1. It is necessary to drink green tea. Five cups a day well protected from heart attack and stroke.

This recommendation is consistent with the majority of doctors and specialists in various tea - they also unanimously recommended to drink about one liter (it's just 5 tea cups) of good green tea.

2. Communicate more with your friends.

With this recommendation also unanimously agrees to all of the medical community. While many studies obtained data that family men almost twice as likely to suffer a stroke than single; that sociable people are less prone to senile dementia.

3. Eat plenty of nuts.

Nuts have long been known for its beneficial effects on many systems of the human body, including the cardiovascular. But this advice is only suitable for those who do not have any allergies to nuts, otherwise instead of improving effect can get very nasty itchy rash, and if the "lucky" even anaphylactic shock.

4. Regular floss.

Tony Bryer said that if the master hygiene tool, you can extend your life by nearly six years. Of course, healthy teeth - it is an indispensable part of overall health. Their condition is most directly affects the state of the whole organism. After all, good nutrition is only possible if all the teeth are perfectly healthy.

5. Immediately quit smoking.

Very good advice. I only wish to follow him in our time is very difficult. After all, in a society where so many smokers, the phrase "I do not smoke," makes no sense. One has only to one person to smoke, as all who are near, become passive smokers and unwittingly receive their portion of the deadly poison which is only slightly less than that loads itself into your lungs active smokers.

6. Get to know new technologies.

In other words, "You live - and learn." Of course, learning something new constantly supports the brain in good shape, and also allows you to make new friends and new friends. Many doctors treat the problem is much broader interest in encouraging the development not only of the latest (and often expensive) gadgets and "clever" gadgets, but also often look to good old books. For example, the study of foreign languages ​​or decision entertaining puzzles at any age is a great workout for the brain.

7. to have children at a later age.

As proof of the validity of this recommendation are the University of Utah study that showed that people who had children after age 40, live longer. Statistics funny thing. Here and a priori clear that those people who were able to give birth after 40, have increased vitality at the genetic level and, of course, will live much longer "average" person. Those who are not lucky enough to get on the nature of the increased survivability, "dosidevshis" to a critical age, just remain without children.

8. Most go on vacation.

This advice is also much easier to give than to perform. One can not go on vacation because they are workaholics textbook, and stress from lack of work for them worse job stress. Others refuse to leave simply because they can not afford it for financial reasons. But studies show that the reduction of time spent on vacation, 8 times increases the risk of developing heart disease.

9. good night's sleep.

For recreation need to sleep 7-8 hours a day. When people do not get enough sleep, its cells can not function normally. On the count of how many you need to sleep, there are many different theories. Here, everyone has their own rate. For example, Napoleon said that more than 6 hours sleep only idiots. He treated four hours. Clarity of mind and efficiency at the same time he has been tremendous, but in the category of long-lived Napoleon clearly misses.

10. A little wine will benefit greatly.

Research data from more than a million people have shown that mortality among those who drank a small glass of wine a day, 18% lower than among those who do not drink at all. It is clear that here the whole "trick" is to confine it and certainly one glass of good wine. Many people can not do it, and the use of wine immediately turns to harm.

11. Try to laugh more often.

NewEnglandCentenatian study showed that people risible easier to tolerate stress, and among them more than those who were lucky enough to celebrate its hundredth birthday.


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