Cranberry juice protects children from urinary tract infections

Cranberry juice, full of antibacterial substances can prevent recurrent urinary tract infections (UTI) in children.
To participate in the study, the researchers from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver (Canada) scored 40 children in the past year at least twice had problems with urinary infections ways. One half of the subjects were given cranberry juice and other juice without drinking "cranberry products." Over the next year, the incidence of UTI in "cranberry" amounted to 0, 4 cases per child compared to 1 case per 15 baby in the control group.

The protective effect of this juice provides proanthocyanidins - the group of flavonoids that have anti-bacterial properties. Previous works have shown that these substances protect from recurrent urinary tract infections of women who long drink cranberry juice. Experiments with children are still barely held, although UTI is fairly common in children. At a certain age the likelihood of becoming a victim of urinary tract infections in girls 8%, and the boys - 2%.

In addition to discomfort, recurrent UTI can cause kidney damage, so doctors prescribe antibiotics. However, they have side effects, and long-term use can cause the emergence of bacteria resistant to drugs. Therefore, scientists are considering cranberry juice as a safe, effective and cheap alternative to prophylactic antibiotics.

The results are published in the edition of the Journal of Urology.

Last year, it was also shown that cranberry juice fights bacterial infections is much more effective than extracts of this berry.


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