Being a soldier - is to have the spirit of a soldier. Soldiers without a soul - killer. The soldier with the soul - a warrior

< Oleg Kozyrev

I listened to the speech on Independence centurions, and suddenly the crowd parted to stage bus arrived and fast with the graves of fallen heroes. On the bus there was no marks "FUNERAL SERVICE", "Funeral". There was an unusual inscription: "Cargo 200". This code word is called war dead. Someone wrote on purpose, spent time. Yes, other inscriptions on the bus would be inappropriate, I thought, listening to the prayers of the priests. Because when a young, beautiful, strong, courageous men who were there yesterday, today lie in a coffin. it can not be "Ritual". This is war. When the scene reported that one victim - four children, the second - the only year-old daughter was left an orphan because her mother had died earlier, and the third - still do not have time to live, he is only 19 years ... fifty thousandth Maidan wept so Therefore shrill childish, as if he, too, became orphans this. They have such a peaceful profession - as they could with such "botanical" skills to be in the firing line? As you can see from these sniper smiled awkward - still would go on the attack with shields and sticks - it is so unprofessional, did make a professional soldier? Did the soldiers will move in the open street Instytutska? Professional killers shot them effortlessly Yanukovych - another shot in the leg, and killed those who tried to pull the wounded. Why did they go forward? They had so much to lose that! Here, when almost the entire area, when hundreds of Galicians started reading about me, "Our Father," I'm a little understood. They went to their death because of being a soldier, it does not mean to be able to shoot well and understand the tactics. Being a soldier, then do not separate their personal dignity of the dignity of their state. It means respect and love not only what is in you and on you, but also all that. what's around you. Your country. Your cradle. Your responsibility. Learn how to fight - nesladno. However, to be a soldier - is to have the spirit of a soldier. Soldiers without a soul - killer. The soldier with the soul - a warrior. In the war for independence of Ukraine was born a new independent nation, must do their own independent culture and history. We must live in a coordinate system that is understandable for us. Among the characters that have a value and touch the heart. If it approves the Maidan, I would now and forever the decision of the Verkhovna Rada in the next session day founded the present Ukrainian national public holiday - Day zahisnika Fatherland. February 18 - for the new independent nation was born then. when it appeared his defenders that for ultra-high price won the battle on Independence for us, for our common country, for the future of our children. February 18 ... Glory to Ukraine!
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