Medical Rapid Response Team

The war in Afghanistan. In addition to the military on the battlefield there are always those whose task is not to kill, but to save lives. And no matter the life of this Allied soldier, a local resident or a thriller. This is no ordinary "first aid", it MERT - Medical Rapid Response Team (medical emergency response team). Doctors receive a call, grab your bag and run to the helicopter, which is ready for takeoff. They are dressed as soldiers - form, helmets and weapons. Together with doctors on board four soldiers, without protection is impossible. Where is flying a helicopter is unknown, they usually sit in the city, where they become a very attractive target. Talk inside the helicopter can not be the noise of the engines and the noise is accelerated by blades of air. They have their own signs - if shown on the badge of the British flag, then wounded British soldier, if put their hands on the thigh - then hit the child, if put your hand to your head (as if saluting) - it means American soldiers. They do not have patients with colds, runny nose, or hypertension, their patients are on the brink of life and death, they call them "challenge category A".

(Beware! The selection found photos that may seem unpleasant and frightening.)

Sister service MERT Fiona McGlynn Selly Oak Hospital in Birmingham on board the helicopter Chinook CH-47.

MERT team carries a stretcher with wounded British soldier from a helicopter to a hospital Camp Bastion.

Afghan child covers his ears from the noise of the helicopter.


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