Excess weight prolongs life

Here's how it happens. Not really a big secret that a person burdened with excess weight, life is not sugar. And if those extra pounds very much - and it does dramatically increases the likelihood of premature death. Here and cardiovascular system, of course, the regular transshipment works and zhedudochno tract is not in order. Yes, and musculoskeletal thanks for this is not to say. In general, all the systems and bodies work wear.
But sometimes it is just such a condition and prolong human life. American Ronald Post, the weight of which is two hundred and seventeen kilograms, requested to postpone the death penalty due to the fact that because of his general condition from the medical staff may have some difficulties with the introduction of the drug (already had problems with the introduction of drugs into a vein of Ronald) and for him death can be long and painful. Pyatidesyatitrehletny Post sentenced for murder committed about thirty years ago. Previously, he has to apply for gastric bypass surgery because to lose weight "intensive" way he has no chance. Most of the exercise for the "burning" of fat he can not do, because he sore knee and back. The operation was refused.
Now lawyers have noted another item - say, the weight of the wheelchair and do not survive.
In general, Ronald lose weight there is absolutely no sense. You'll see, a few years so Makar vytsyganit, and then quietly go away from the natural death - and all the cases.


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