Who to bring home

Great novelty offered in the shoe world. It does not even design and usability in the foreground, while the novelty of these parameters is consistent with the most stringent requirements.
Important in these shoes more. They bring to the house. Well, that is. Imagine, for example, that sat - you walked with a team or alone very productive. And you need to get home to bed. How to get there - you do not remember. And even explain the taxi driver is not able to, because the brain does not command language. The conflict between the different parts of an organism.
And you quietly crept to the taxi stand, which in any way are taking place near every major institution. Pokes his finger at his shoes. And the driver famously dovozit you home without unnecessary inquiries to which you you are not able to respond. Mounted sensors show the distance, and (on the left shuze) direction. There is generally a device in the manner of a compass.
Here's a useful shoes, nicknamed No Place Like Home Shoes (Shoes No place like home), demonstrated in the exhibition KK Outlet in London.
The thing is, I believe, which should have in their wardrobe every self-respecting gentleman. Especially if it came from the space of the former one and indivisible. It's nice when a manufacturer takes into account such features of the potential consumer.


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