10 wonderful inventions

10. Gaskets for people suffering from flatulence

Imagine the situation you are in a public place and suddenly a little accident happens - you put it mildly, spoiled air. The invention, patented in April 2000, will help to avoid confusion. Specially designed gaskets will keep odor.

Here's a review of one of the enthusiastic customers: "Your product really helped me. Coming into a small booth where I work, workers sometimes put on their masks to breathe a little fresh air ... Now that I have a desire to spoil the air, I quickly thrust pad his pants and about anything do not worry. Gaskets are also great mute the sound. " 9. A device for detecting a collision with a pedestrian

When faced with any object car drivers can now exactly know whether the subject person. Patented inventions, including the special sensors in the bumper of the car and the engine box, with high accuracy can determine whom you brought down - a pedestrian or some inanimate object. There is a small offer to those who will be releasing the next version - is it possible to make the system to prevent collisions, it would be a bit more useful.

8. The device protecting animal ears

Do you have a dog that has a long furry ears, and if so, do you feed it? And when she eats, how often do spoil their fine ears eating habits? This is a serious problem whose solution has finally been found. US Patent # 4233942 - just what you need. Special ear protectors will not allow your dog to soil their ears while eating. Just do not ask questions, "but not if my dog ​​looks funny with these tubes in the ears?»

7. Reactive surfboards

In truth, the present invention is not meaningless. Imagine, you cut on a board on the waves of the Pacific Ocean and all of a sudden you creeps shark. If you are on a normal board, then, oops, bummer. But with reactive surfboard shark is not terrible, because you will quickly be able to get away from danger. Yes, a wonderful invention, but it probably should be sold along with the adaptation of paragraph 9, after a surfer on the jet speed - a dangerous phenomenon, knocks everything in its path. On the other hand, a person who died from a collision with a jet surfer can enter the afterlife with a firm belief that he died an unusual death.

6. Points to the magnet

According to the text of the patent "shackle points that cause discomfort to people wearing sunglasses ... and even leave lasting imprints on the head." Inventor David Peschl (David Peschel) spent years and yet still has solved this problem. Judging by the picture, to take advantage of such points, you have to remove the ears surgically and instead insert the magnetic rings, which are easily mounted without glasses uncomfortable handles. A radical solution, is not it? Well, in fact, the ears do not hurt. Sticky magnets simply attached to the temples.

5. The method of training a cat

This ingenious invention contemplates "the direction of the laser beam on the wall or floor, then change the direction of the beam to a bright light moving uneven way, attracting the attention of a cat." In other words, it is proposed to give a cat with a laser excitation. If it is possible to patent this idea, why not come up with a proposal to patent "Method razzhёvyvaniya food," which is "the premises of edible objects in the mouth, applying pressure jaw bone to stretch the said food to form a mass that can be swallowed».

4. The method of swinging on a swing

Remember how you were swinging on a swing in his childhood - alternately sipping one circuit, then another, slightly changing the position of the body, sitting on a flat piece of wood. And you know what? This method is invented by Stephen Olson (Steven Olson). Yes, yes, he patented not some specific model of the swing, and the method of swinging on a swing.

3. The device simulates "Give five»

This device invented Albert Cohen (Albert Cohen). The need for such an invention he explained as follows: "Fans of sports and competition," give five "each other when he or those for whom they are ill win. But if a person is sitting at home alone watching television, then he had no one to share his joy, ie there is no one to five. " For this was invented apparatus. Now Imagine: a man sitting alone in his apartment in sweat pants and lubricates the mechanical arm, to share with her the joy when viewing upcoming games.

2. Man-machine-driven entertainment for the "kick in the ass»

According to the text of the patent, this device is designed for entertainment. Man turns the lever, causing the rotation of the shoe fixed to the axis. Shoes cool and beat alternately entertained by the pope. I wonder who need such games? Maybe parents who are too lazy to spank their children themselves? Or is it the instrument for sadomasochistic pleasures?

1. Pet Toys

Look at the picture. This device, as stated in the patent, may be made of wood or wood components. Yes, you think eccentric patented stick. Introducing how to patent an idea occurred to stick to the inventor: vygulivaya his dog in the park, he saw a wooden stick, and he came up with a revolutionary idea to throw a stick and ordered her to bring the dog. The dog brought a stick and I just see how the guy's eyes began to grow, he slowly raised his stick to the ground, got accustomed to it, and "Oh! Eureka! ". With cries of "compared to me, Thomas Edison complete ignoramus" man ran home through the park, swinging a stick person in front of passers-by. We would not be surprised, if the invention has been represented by 12,000 BC, but, oddly enough, it was patented in 1999.


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