Water instead of oil for export

Today is World Water Day. By the way, yubileychik. Twenty years ago, in 1993, the Assembly of the UN decided. Given the fact that we are mostly made up of water (newborn - 80% for old age "dry out" up to 58%), all logical. Because without water we will not last long. And there are areas in the world (South Africa, starting from the border of the Sahara), where access to clean water is difficult or limited. And this, by the way, in terms of demographics, the most growing area.
On the water in recent years, a host of interesting publications - and print and video. That water is able to memorize information that the structure of water is influenced by many environmental factors - both positive and negative properties.
And all this fucking interesting. But even more interesting, such information on a couple of lines: for thirty-eight years, from 1970 to 2008, the water resources in the world decreased by 28%. A consumption has doubled. And it is estimated by the same UN in the coming decades to leave their homes because of problems with the water may be up to 700 million people. Statistics are not very funny, but not so bad. As considered only currently available water resources. And they do not include, for example, the same glaciers of the Arctic and Antaraktiki. In which, in fact, focused the overwhelming majority of fresh water.
By the way, our neighbor to the north, it is quite possible in the near future will drive through the pipes is not oil or gas, fresh water. On reserves of freshwater available Russia ranked first in the world. So we can not bathe on the development of smart technologies. Oil ends - will go into the water. And who wants to drink - pay. If only the development of the Antarctic ice will not cheaper.


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