On your knees!

Kiev. Mid dashing nineties. At the beginning of the prospectus Heroes of Stalingrad, at the exit from the Moscow bridge, then a sort of semi-settled point of GAI, which periodically lived one of the Knight of Wands. Place it then was quite deserted, from prospect to the Dnieper stretched the steppe.
And people moving out from the bridge on the avenue. Goes to the right lane. Before paragraph GAI crosswalk. And it begins to cross the road girl. But it is still in the oncoming lane, and in order to get under the car of our hero, she needed just to throw despair suicide that way for 10-12 meters. That is interfering with its movement - no.
Drives a young man this transition, and it immediately slows zealous servant. And he starts to polish his brain for "not give way to pedestrians." The driver naturally, with such rotation does not agree in any approximation. Not even too lazy to catch up with the girl and bring her to the place of debriefing. The girl confirmed that she no one interfered in the transition.
Serviceman sad for a minute - is not fused to cut down on light weight. But then mysteriously pulled his tetradochku. And started something in it smartly write. And it should be noted that while the penalties were within 10-20 hryvnia. They are processed at the scene through the exchange of some characters - cash, on the other - the receipt. Somehow receipts by 20 hryvnia almost never was discharged 10 papers 2 hryvnia. So in this notebook and all were drawn for the day of receipt. And then a mighty gust of wind pulls out a notebook all thy overwork and is across the steppe towards the Dnieper. Policeman drops wedged under his arm rod falls on all fours and trying to collect fluttering leaves, but where there ...
Sometimes nature itself helps judge. And for the pleasure of seeing gaytsy on his knees and can zaplaptit ten minutes of your life.


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