Elder brother

About the age of mankind, the debate for a long time and fiercely. In any case, since, as someone Darwin challenged the biblical age of our species, and gone-away we go. Evolutionary theory now deliberately stand outside the brackets, there argue - not argue. Especially that among gentlemen scholars there is no consensus so far.
Since that time, both were honored to determine the age with the help of the Y-chromosome, it is assumed that our biological species about one hundred and forty thousand years. So it turns out that it is the male chromosome this test works (hehe).
And recently nezhdanchik happened. By studying the genetic material of the deceased in South Carolina African American Albert Perry, a geneticist Michael Hammer (for some reason from the University of Arizona) found that the same chromosome deceased much older. Or rather, her three hundred thirty-eight thousand years. And it is to receive revelation mess.
Began to look very carefully in order to verify the accuracy of analiza.I did find another eleven carriers of genes "elder race." All of them were originally from a village Cameroon.
So whether Gd decided to make a "duplicate" or simply forgotten that once already created humankind, but have so far been two "cradle". And then, who knows, you may even find that.


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