To succeed in life, you MUST read a lot. That's why:

1) The influx of diverse, diverse information, ideas, opinions and examples - it is a necessary raw material for the subconscious: the brain sifts and sorts all received , trying to lay down the general findings of the mosaic, and from time to time - eureka! - It gives valuable information. Without the daily influx of new information, he's just sleeping. That's the whole secret of well-being: can not be made without raw materials. Even money.

2) Without exploring the ideas of others narrows the circle of your own. Do not have time to look back, and you're an intellectual pygmy. The breadth of thought is reduced just as the mobility of the body without exercise and stretching.

3) Do not read, you do not know what is happening around. I read a lot of things and still do not have time to navigate. If not every week to read one or two books, dozens of magazines, newspapers and a few more mailings, it is very soon lag behind the times. And now people talk to you, understand that you are fossil.

4) If you have children, they need to set a good example. Let them see that you are reading. Let hear what you say about the read. When I was a kid, we lived for several years in a tough poverty, and so, all these years, our family - father, mother and I - once a week went to the library, where they spent about an hour. Everyone chooses three or four books, their home, we read and discussed. Now I prefer to go to the bookstore because I have money and I like to have a book. But I thank parents for those librarians years. Today, many families it would be useful to replace the library going to the cinema, slot machines or a shopping center.

Source: Dan Kennedy: "Hard Time Management"


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