10 mistakes that absolutely everyone

There are no people who do not make mistakes. And this is considered perfectly normal, because the only way to achieve something and get what you want. But mistakes are minor and major. The first considered to be very stupid, because there were many preconditions to avoid them. But why do we reiterate them?

1. People often do not properly understand the meaning of some of the things spoken, thus themselves and wind the exaggerated size of the disaster.
2. Many are absolutely sure that they can easily read the thoughts of others and that others need to understand them perfectly. No need to wait on others to guess what you want, because it will inevitably lead to disappointment. After all expected something quite different than what we got.
3. No need to take some things into your account. If someone has a bad mood, it still does not mean that the reason was it was you.
4. There is no need to be overly self-confident and convincing in this surrounding. People will draw conclusions about what you represent, and therefore do not need them to impose their point of view.
5. Think of criticism for granted and try to do less of its analysis. All the people not to fall anyway, and hence to worry about it at all costs.
6. Do not try to be perfect in absolutely all spheres of activity. You have to understand that there is no ideal people. No need to ask others and especially from yourself that can not be achieved.
7. You do not need to compare yourself to someone else, because it is not always a joy. Especially in those moments when the comparison is not in your favor.
8. Do not twist the self and do not invent something that you have not yet proizoshlo.Esli begins to disturb something that probably will not happen, then you are just wasting your nerves. And if it does happen, then worry not solve the problem, and will only increase.
9. Remember that no one you do not and should not be obliged to. No need to tell other people how they should behave, as you no one dictates.
10. No need to look bad where it does not exist and try to get to the hidden meaning of each word. If you always think like that, it will soon cease to see what's happening around the positive aspects and, therefore, become sullen and silent. To avoid this, try not to analyze every word, because the phrase is important, or the action itself.


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