Are you seriously? These really are?

Opus not mine!
Simply amazed - SUCH rabid vegans though there ??? And if so - so that's a reason to hate him, the only one for 1000 is able to ruin the reputation of the rest ...
Eat and let eat
Fiercely zadolbali vegetarians. No, I do not care whether you eat meat or tomatoes. Eat what you want. I do not get involved in your business, so why the hell did you climb in the mine? Who gave you the right to tell my child in the cafe of the poor little animals, which were killed by the evil uncle and now he eats them? We came in a cafe in a good mood, and you ruined it for both of us. Promise to hell with the indication of the exact address, hope strongly spoiled the mood of you, and especially hope you spoil the mood of my warning that I will do to you if you will approach again to my table.
You come to visit. Especially for you, my wife cooked vegetable stew and vegetable cutting. The rest has come boar leg cooked in my recipe, and you know it. What the devil then you are again unhappy with the fact that you just stew on the table and cutting? For the rest all just meat and mustard because they invited it to this dish. However, even on the table fruit, candy, grapes, cookies, three types of mineral water, wine, but you will again not enough has been done for you.

You all night loudly declare that you do not eat meat. Yes, you do not offer him, but not enough attention to you, and you spoil the mood of the rest. If you do not pay attention, you will attract it by all means, because you feel sick from the smell of meat, and it is necessary to jump from the table to the retching and run to the bathroom. Personally, I did not ask you - you have come with the man I want to see more often than it turns out in life. You know where you're going, and insisted to go with him, and deny you, he could not. Yes, our wives do not want to discuss with you how bad their husbands, who brought the meat from the hunt and shamelessly guzzle it before your eyes. They politely listened to you, did not agree with you, and continued to discuss their topics.


Do not dare to impose their way of life to others, stop the scandals in institutions, on which the sign is written in huge letters: "Steakhouse", demanding 20 kinds of vegetarian menu, and to transplant you to the people who eat meat. Go to where to you all my.




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