Why bill Clinton, James Cameron, Paul McCartney don't eat meat

Vegetarianism has become popular recently, but the idea is not new. Until the mid-nineteenth century, when the word "vegetarian", composed exclusively of plant foods diet has been known as the diet of Pythagoras, which takes its name from the writings of the Greek philosopher of the VI century BC Today, people are much more aware about the benefits of giving up meat, and a key reason for the change of diet is the desire to be healthy.

For example, President bill Clinton was known for his bad eating habits. After 2004 he did a serious heart operation, and in 2010 held vascular stenting, he changed his way of life. Today, the 67-year-old Clinton is fully committed to a vegan diet, except for eating the occasional scrambled eggs and salmon.

Director James Cameron two years ago, said that he became a vegan, caring about the world. "There's nothing you can do for the future of the world — the world after the us, the world of our children, if not move on vegetable diet," says the Director. Last summer he made a brilliant speech at the ceremony of awarding the National geographic society, where he was awarded the title of "Researcher of the year": "By changing what we eat, you will change the whole system of relations between the human species and nature," — says Cameron.

Sometimes, in order to fundamentally change the diet, just simple contact with the natural world. Musician Paul McCartney has decided to give up meat decades ago, saw one on his farm frolicking lambs. Now he offers people to eliminate meat from my diet at least once a week. In 2009 in the UK, he started a campaign that promotes giving up meat on Mondays. "I think Monday is a great day for eating meat, because many people tend to overeat on the weekends," says the musician.

Of course, stick to a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle is not always easy. Actor Ben Stiller in 2012, in an interview called himself a pescetarian (pescatarian) — a person who does not eat any animal food except fish and seafood. Stiller shares his feelings: "Vegans don't talk about it. It's hard. Because you want of animal food. Today I ate Kale chips. I wanted pork ribs, but I ate chips out of Kale". The wife of Ben Stiller, actress Christine Taylor, supports it and also adhere to a diet based on plant foods. "Our energy level has significantly changed, — said the actress to People magazine two years ago. — Sometimes you just don't realize it, until someone will say: wow, you look dazzling!"

If you decide to become a vegetarian, you will make yourself, or rather your body, is a great gift.

"Such diets help to reduce the risks of obesity, type II diabetes, heart attacks and many other ailments," says Marion Nestle, nutritionist, author of the book "What to eat: a step by step guide for a healthy diet" (What to Eat: an Aisle-by-Aisle Guide to Savvy Food Choice and Good Eating). And if you are afraid that giving up meat can lead to health problems, then do not worry. "The key to a healthy diet and good nutrition," because "the nutritional content of the products is different and they all complement each other." So the first question, which concerns a vegetarian diet, what to exclude, and to what extent. If your "vegetarian" diet imposes any animal products — fish, eggs, dairy products, poultry meat, the problems with the lack of nutrients does not arise.

A strict vegan diet can cause some health problems. The fact is that vegans who avoid all animal products, may experience a lack of vitamin B12, which is contained almost exclusively in animal foods. Due to the fact that of a diet that eliminated many foods, vegans, there is a risk of a lack of other nutrients, but careful planning of the diet will help to reduce these risks. For a change of diet is recommended to use as many different cereals and legumes containing protein, as well as to find alternative sources of vitamin B12, such as special supplements or enriched foods.

To feel the health effects of the vegetarian lifestyle, it is not necessary to completely eliminate meat from the diet. Authoritative American clinic Mayo Clinic offers to start following the guide Paul McCartney, that is to change your diet once or twice a week and replace meat, for example, in a stew — tofu, burritos — fried beans, and pots instead of meat stew beans.

Author of books about cooking mark Bittman few have developed the concept of prevegetation based on plant foods, in his book "VB6" and "cookbook VB6". The idea of Bettman is to not eat animal products before dinner: the names of the books stands for "to be vegetarian to 18.00".

Diet of Bittman quite simple. "I'm seven years adhered VB6 method — writes the author — and it became a habit, a way of life". The reason for the introduction of such a diet are health problems. After almost five decades of reckless power he had the symptoms of prediabetes and sorry state. "Perhaps you need to become a vegan," said the doctor. At first the thought scared Bittman, but the condition made him a serious choice: to survive, you had to constantly take medication, or diet change. He eliminated all animal products throughout the day (along with other highly processed and harmful foods), and the result was not long in coming. For a month he lost 7 lbs. in two months the levels of cholesterol and blood sugar returned to normal, disappeared the night I stop breathing, and for the first time in 30 years, he began to sleep soundly all night and stopped snoring.

This approach works well because it is not too strict. When you can eat for dinner, everything you want, you feel free. The rules should not be categorical. If in the morning I want to add milk to your coffee, why not. An unexpected discovery for him was the fact that the foods that he eats during the day affect the way he eats in the evening. Now he rarely eats meat.

Returning to the example of famous vegetarians, in the opinion of the historian Shprintzen "celebrities don't inject some sort of cultural trend, but rather reflect a significant cultural shift in time, thanks to whom vegetarianism, if not being the dominant trend, is widely regarded as the way to a healthy lifestyle."

Way, choosing who even partially, you will be able to extend its life. published

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