Course on vegetarianism and raw food diet! Should I procrastinate?

This article is the answer to human questions that came to me in the social. networks. This is a beautiful girl. Her name - Maria. Other details I will omit.

From her treatment I selected group of questions to which the answer gradually.

Does it make sense to change something in your diet (to give up meat, eventually abandon cooked food), etc.?
Is there something alive in the store fruits and vegetables in a large metropolis? What water quality?
If you give up meat, then in what way? Gradually or at once?
What problems can arise when moving to a healthy diet (fear of hair loss and deterioration of the condition of the skin, etc.)?
Would a good judge, if only to give up meat?
Do I need to completely change the way of life and move to a clean area, engaged in gardening?

Daylight vegetarinstvo, raw food diet, etc. always implies the achievement of a goal. For example.

Option 1. To come finally to the absolute health, a high quality of life and longevity. This is a positive motivation to action.

Option 2: Run away from the disease. The organism is in a critical condition! Then there's nowhere! Either operation or a disability, or a grave, etc. This negative motivation for action. It is not the best, unlike the first embodiment. But most people are talking this way. A good example - Butenko family (Victoria, Igor and their children - well-known personalities of the world scale). You can search for information on the Internet.

Option 3: The moral or religious aspect. That is, stop being complicit in the killing of any innocent animals. Sticking to the commandment "Thou shall not kill!". Although plants murder - a murder, too, but with less karmic consequences. It remains to collect the fruits, drink milk or switch to pranoedenie. But it's up to you. I do not want to delve further into this topic.

Option 4: The physical transformation through the power, the purpose of which is the physical, mental and spiritual development. In the end - the restoration of connection with his Spirit (Higher Self) with God. Improved health, maximum disclosure of its domestic capacity and other nice moments in this case are nice bonuses (see. My article (1) and (2)). It's my way!

Perhaps there are other options.

Reaching your full health in any way end up going through the cleansing of all your components (the physical body, the soul (psyche), the connection with your Spirit (top R)). Cleans you - cleaned, and the world around you (on the law of similarity)

! Which way you move - you decide

! If your motivation is not enough to take this road, at least for vegetarianism, it is better to do nothing. Giving tribute to modern fashion - will bring you more problems than positives

. If you believe that the power to change is still needed, but at the same time experiencing a strong fear of the unknown, before the possible problems of the transition period, I think that you started at the wrong end. The path toward health in any way associated with cleansing.

Start with a mental cleansing. It involves restructuring of thoughts in my head, the revision of negative attitudes, worldview transformation. Read Zeland books Transerfing reality. Learn psychology (worldview) of successful people. I started from that.

Try to communicate with more people, which want to be like! Since avidity vpityvaёte their every thought, their every word. Do the same thing. And you get.

Purification of the mental body will inevitably lead to the purification of the physical body. And it happens in a natural way (without disruption).

Your firm belief in the correctness of the chosen path will help you overcome various obstacles on the way.

If in his other articles, I scared you the problems associated with hair loss, the deterioration of the skin condition in a transition period, I want to tell you that it is always difficult to reinvent the wheel and, as a rule, it takes a long time. Perhaps it is already someone invented to you.

I repeat that all this could have been avoided. Just for myself, I decided that I will go to the whole itself. My main method - the method of trial and error. I did a researcher in life. So I was originally prepared to tolerate those costs which have arisen on the path to my misunderstanding.

Do not think that I do not consider other people's experiences. Just with that, I always start. And then check out for yourself.

The individual characteristics of the organism (the constitution, the initial state, etc.) make serious adjustments in their composition and diet.

Thank God all the problems of the transition period in the past. Again, my spiritual mood at that moment: optimism or gloom have played a decisive role. I'm not a saint, and I still have something to work on the mental level. The same need to do and you.

If you still have not got rid of the psychology of the victim (the opposite psychology - lead), negative thoughts you hold a dominant position, I can say with confidence that you will attract to yourself more problems than it will receive full health

. If you have enough funds to hire a coach (coach, mentor, etc.), which will help you come to a positive result, I advise you to take advantage of this option.

You somehow pay. Either money or cones and their time. Free in this world nothing exists. The term speaks for itself. Free - it's like to borrow from the devil (demon pays). I would have to work!

While hiring a coach does not guarantee freedom from errors, but the probability of error is much lower if the coach experienced and successful in life.

In any case, the circumstances of your life (with or without a coach) will develop in accordance with your thinking and actions (similarity law)!

Personally, I will work with you, if you understand what your motivation is strong and sufficient in order that I may lead you to a positive outcome. If you warm the winner of thinking, and not sacrifice, then adjust the direction of your movement to health (with minimum cost) does not take much for me and for you. Your positive feedback is extremely important not only for you but also for me. For me it is a feeling of satisfaction, reward, but do not hide - image

. If you do not feel a sufficient opportunity to change your life, you need to put a different goal.

Expand to all of these features. They are yours! Do not even doubt! Your fears and other negative attitudes do not give you to believe it. But to do so, preferably before you step on the way to a fundamental change harmful eating habits. A serious transformation of power is better to venture as far as your moral readiness. And to optimize your diet without giving up, of any product needs to be done now (separation food diet, diet, diet to hunger, cleaning procedures, etc.). This will be the first step to health.

In order to work out effectively in all the splinters, hindering your development, you can also ask for help to me in a personal coaching. There is a very effective tool called - holographic therapy. The positive experience of the use of this therapy is, in my piggy bank. There are other methods and means of mental purification. But more about that at a meeting on coaching. There will also be published on my blog. I advise you to subscribe to the newsletter of the blog.

And now for the meat.

Giving up meat solve only a part of your health problems. For some, this step may be the salvation of their lives! It must be considered individually.

In my case (I repeat), non-meat led to the elimination of dysbiosis after dysentery. Finally, I became friends and toilet (in most cases).
I completely forgot about the trip to the dentist. There were rare cases of replacement of bridges, in places where I have long lost teeth, thanks again myasoedstvo.
It improves the general condition. There was a lightness.
It reduces the amount of inflammation in the skin and possibly inside.

If you want to get the absolute health, and other bonuses of a healthy lifestyle, one that vegetarianism is not enough. But even this step - very seriously, a step in the reduction of risks to earn a seriously illnesses and deal with conventional medicine (God forbid!)

. And that's why?

As I said, a respected and well-known to all the doctor-biochemist and naturopath Marwa Vagarshakovna Ohanian (found on the Internet): The decomposition products of meat in the human body are converted into pus! And the show itself, this pus is in organs, which are the weak link in the body. Where thin - there and tear

! I had a chance to talk personally with this woman, who saved the life of a huge number of people, including children who are seemingly in a hopeless state. Traditional medicine of such patients usually refuses, or treats them to "triumphant" end in a negative meaning of this phrase.

I talked with her during their participation in the second national conference of vegetarians and raw foodists doctors in Moscow in early 2012. For further details, you can read and watch video on the blog Sergei Dobrozdravina.

I bow before Marwa Ohanyan his head!

My close friend died once from acute leukemia at the age of 18 (his kingdom - heaven!). Then and now, the disease is still considered incurable for the traditional medicine. And if the man and save lives in such cases, for a short while. The life of such a patient is comparable to hell.

This disease is really incurable, but curable if in time to take action! Engage does not need specific authority, and all the (whole) body.

Leukemia healed on the result of cleansing the body through nutrition (transition to liquid and raw food + grass + cleaning procedures). In general, there can not do without a raw food diet and cleansing the body!

If you feel good (thank God!), Then think about the consequences of the meat supply. The first of which should be discarded on the road to health, so it is meat, fish and other flesh (with all their derivatives). Otherwise, you will automatically get to the risk for cancer and other diseases of our time.

I do not want to intimidate you!

But the meat products and the like - is the most powerful zakisliteli body. The shift acid-base balance in the body to the acid side, and is a major cause of health problems in modern humans.

Even the greens in salads, is a potent oschelachivatelem body is not able to fully compensate for the damage that it causes the meat and others. Flesh.

Green in combination with meat will have to have tons!

Excessive body acidification strikes primarily on human bone system as magnesium and calcium from the bones are participating in the buffer mechanism of the organism to neutralize excess acid. And their salts formed by reaction with acid are deposited in the various hollow organs (bladder, liver, gall bladder, etc.), if the body can not cope with their withdrawal.

This is a standard set of problems with the skeletal system.

Problems with teeth.
The deposition of salts.

If something from this list familiar to you first-hand, you should know that this is a serious signal, saying about excessive acidification of the body.

It's a big risk for you!

The transition to vegetarianism greatly reduces this risk.

Everything is in your hands!

This can be done gradually. First, try to fast. No wonder that religious people adhere to these rules. Vegetarian food just helps to remove the acid load on the body to a certain limit. This went through me. And then the body itself suggested to me what the next step.

Listen to your body!

Human Pantophagy beneficial to certain forces in our world. And this is connected not only with monetary gain. This power and control over mankind. Pantophagy turns a man into a puppet. They are easy to manage. Many channels of perception for the carnivore just closed! And he does not know - what they do! It is a good base to fuel armed conflicts.

If you can not live without meat, it is possible because you have an increased acidity in the stomach. In this case, many plant foods that stimulate acid secretion (please do not confuse with the acid load products) can harm you. Good meat substitutes are nuts, grains, legumes. Just do not overdo them. The feeling of satiety also gives dense food. For example, raw carrots, topinabur etc. Raw plant foods with high acidity is best introduced gradually, so as not to provoke a stomach ulcer. It is better to go through the vapor phase. But do it anyway, it is desirable for the purpose of alkalinity of the body and out of the risk of almost all modern diseases.

Eat raw and eco-friendly products as possible and in a megopolisa. More choice. To do this, not necessarily to become a gardener. I myself live in a city, while building a house in suburban array. Few grow with his wife (fruits, vegetables, herbs). And in winter I eat only foods from the markets or supermarkets. This does not prevent me to maintain an optimal state of health.

I do not rule out the possibility that the full transition to a living food, you will draw on nature. And then it can become an acute question about where you live? Obviously not bother!

On eclogite residence and its impact on our health, I have already said in his other articles.

When you're satisfied the intention of finding such products, rest assured they will meet on your way. If you choose to actively use not only vision, but also scent and intuition. They prompt you to the right decision.

In the end, order products via the Internet from gardening companies and ancestral homes.

As for pure water, it can be ordered in large containers (19 liters) of various Russian natural sources.

I order glacial water from Dombai. Even if the water has lost its useful energy and other properties, is riding to you, at least, mineralization and composition of salts in this water is optimal.

This concludes my article. Sincerely, Sergey Ctepanychev.


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